Does anyone use the InnoCaption app on their phone?

Is anyone happy using the InnoCaption appt on your phone? Does it take up much data? I assume you talk in front of the phone not to your ear, obviously you couldn’t see the captioning.

Do you still hear the incoming speaker’s voice during captioning? I guess I’d better get on their site for all these questions. Oh one more thing, would streaming to your phone work as well?

I have the Spring Relay app. It works like this:

  1. I enter the phone number l want to call.
  2. After the relay operator dials the number and when the other caller answers, the relay operator explains how the relay call works.
  3. I type in the words to the operator, operator tells the other person my words.
  4. Operator types to me what the other caller said to operator.
    I never hear the other caller voice.

I use Ava when I need captions, which is not often. As long as the other person has Ava app running it works well.

Hi @cjpines:

I use InnoCaption fairly often. Not sure if you found your answer yet You can use InnoCaption and still hear the caller and you can stream the call to your aids. Doesn’t hurt to try it as it’s a free app/service for the hoh community.

Does anyone here use the Innocaptions call forwarding, where you can set up to have your cell phone number automatically forwarded to the Innocaption number.
I am looking at installing Innocaptions on my phone and was wondering if anyone uses this feature. Curious as to the likes and dislikes of this app.
Presently, except for texting, I do not use my phone at all.
My husband has to make my phone calls. Friends and family all know to text, but it would be nice to be able to make my own appointments when the need arises.


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I’m in the same boat as you, Laura. Thank God for texting! I have complete phone phobia, my heart races when the phone rings - even if it is on the TV !

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I finally installed Innocaptions on my phone and I am impressed ! I was able to install call fowarding so that all in bound calls are directed to my innocaptions number. So no need to to have a new phone number sent to family, friends, and places of buisness. I was also able to set up voice mail with text. With Innocaptions you are given a choice of using a third party ( stenographer ) for your captions or you can select ASR ( automated speech recognition. I use the ASR. I love this. Text is truly real time. I actually spoke on the phone for the first time in years. I think I’m going to like this app.

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