Does anyone know?

I’m fighting a “heavy growth” of some opportunistic bacteria I’ve never heard of in my Sinuses, and Eustachian tubes. This is thanks to my immunosuppressed status. My GP couldn’t pronounce it… I’ve had 3 courses of ciprofloxacin, the only oral drug that this bug was sensitive to (a nasty antibiotic.) A rare side effect is hearing loss with this drug. I finished the last 2 week course 7 days ago, 3 days ago I noticed a decline in my hearing. I’ve noticed in my non CI ear I now some intermittent tinnitus. I’ve never had tinnitus in that ear before. I’m very aware I could be having another SSHL in either of my ears.

I used to be able to hold a conversation without my devices, I admit it was a struggle, now I can’t do this. . I’ve also started asking people to repeat themselves, this is how I know my hearing has deteriorated. I haven’t had to ask people to repeat themselves since I had my CI activated, well shortly after.

Yesterday I had a consult with my HA Aud, she did an audiogram for me. it’s good and not so good news. My L) ear which I was worried about, is still the same, this is good news. In my R) CI ear I have lost another chunk of residual hearing. Does anyone know, do ENT’s try cortisone injections to preserve what’s left of my high frequencies in CI ears? I asked my Aud yesterday she didn’t know….Or do I just wait for my mapping appointment in 2 weeks time, and get remapped?

I don’t know, but I wouldn’t just wait. I’d call the ENT’s office and ask for advice.


Sorry to hear this @Deaf_piper, I had something similar occurring, but I don’t think it was an infection? I dropped around 10db across the board, with no response above 3k on the left, and 6k on the right, it was much worse than that, but is has recovered slightly…. Retest around the 23rd of this month? Hopefully you will recover Sheryl, to some resemblance of normality! For my sins, I practice Reiki every night…… With a mantra/prayer for my hearing.Take care, cheers Kev.

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Sorry to hear about your hearing issues.
I thought you moved on from the hybrid.
Hopefully the tinnitus will settle down and get back to what it was. It sure can be challenging.

Keep us posted on how it’s going.

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Rick I have, I’m fully electric and have been for nearly 10 months. But I still had some natural hearing in my CI ear. My natural hearing that I had left wasn’t enough to talk on the phone. But just enough to hold a conversation with difficulty in a very quiet room. That natural hearing is nearly gone now.

I’ve just looked at my audiogram I’ve lost some lows as well as highs. :cry: This was done yesterday, I’ve just compared it to my 12 month post one (which is in my profile) I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’ve got a full length array, I was told at the time residual isn’t guaranteed and that I could lose it at any time.

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I am a bit envious of your implanted ear being able to hear.
I have zero hearing in both ears without the processors. It was an eye opener in the beginning but have accepted it.
My tinnitus has actually gotten worse since the implants but thankfully I was very aware of how to deal with it for many years. When the processors are on I do not hear any tinnitus.

I guess I am saying it could be worse. You are are tuff and will be fine.
How are your sinuses doing? Good chance once the infection is gone other issues will go away too.