Does anyone have experience with Signia Insio Nx ITC/ITE?

Anyone have any experience with this HA? TIA

Yes, I have, but I returned this Signio to my Audi.
Biggest problem was the bad connectivity with the iPhone: very often the connection was lost during phone calls.

Thank you very much for your information. May I ask if there were specific situations where the phone disconnected such as where the phone was located with relation to your ears. Also, what hearing aid did you decide to use?

No, it was really random.
I had (and still have) Oticon OPN1-ITE, and the connectivity is excellent, I never had any issue.
But what I do not like with the Oticon is the relative high background noise.
I am now on the waiting list for the new Phonak Virto Black, I had Phonak Virto before the Oticon’s, and the speech in noise is superior compared with Oticon.

Thank you very much for the additional information. Does the Oticon OPN1-ITE have bluetooth? Thanks again for your help.

They are MFI hearing aids.

Wow. The Phonak Virto Black look like the very HAs for which I am looking. I will find out if they are available in my area (SC USA. If not, I too will get on the waiting list. Thank you sooooo much.