Does anyone have any experience with SAM'S club hearing aids?

I am brand new to this group and brand new to wearing hearing aids.

My husband and I were in SAMS club 2 Saturdays ago and they were having a health fair going on. We were in line to check out and the line was very long, so my husband said I should go get my hearing checked. I said ok, since I have been wanting to have it done for some time, but they were always closed on Sunday. Go and do the test and sure enough, I needed hearing aids…although I thought I would only need one. LOL. I was so excited about how clear everthing was, I purchased their Liberty SIE64 hearing aids for $3800.00! Left the store happy as all get out as I could hear things! Once I got home I started thinking I probably should not have done this and did some research first before make this huge purchase. I really couldn’t find much on these particular aids. I decided to check Costco as I am also a member there. I was surprised to see they had aids for half the price. Fast forward, I went in for a test at Costco and walked out with the KS6 aids. I went to return the other ones at SAMS and they are telling me I am making a mistake and theirs are by far more superior to the KS6. So I guess in all reality I am asking for opinions on both if anyone has any experience with them. I have seen pretty good things online for Costco as a whole when it comes to their hearing aid centers. Have not read or seen much on SAMS. Any advice or opinions are appreciated!

Opinion: cost is just one factor when determining which HA’s to purchase. you are currently trialing 2 different pairs. Determine which one you feel gives you the best results. Also consider the level/quality of service offered at Sams vs Costco. What is included for servicing and what is extra? Return policy; loss or damage policy… warranty… etc.

Disclosure: I purchased Trax42 in October 2015 from Costco.

The Sams aids aren’t that great and not from a major manufacturer. You get lifetime support and free supplies (except batteries) at Costco. Most of us consider Costco has the superior aid. You have both aids to try. So, what do you think? Are you aids from Sams twice as good or even as good?

post your audiogram. don’t buy anything until we let you know what’s best for your lost.

Only my non expert opinion, but I think every make and model presently offered at Costco is a better value than what is presently available at Sams.

Thank you everyone for the feedback! I have returned the Sam’s aids. I am very happy with the KS6! Looking forward to learning more about these new gadgets!