Does anyone can sell me only the Easytek neck loop and the silicon sleeve?

Does anyone can sell me only the Easytek neck loop and the silicon sleeve ?
What is the delivery time and total cost with shipping to 44133 Ohio?

Here’s a link to somebody who sells the neck loop.

They don’t list the silicon sleeve, but I think there’s a good chance they could get you one.

But it seems overpriced. I heard the price is 10-20 USD.

Look for Ebay then. Some of this stuff is just hard to get and one doesn’t get the luxury of worrying about value.

Hello, I am new here, my english is not good, I am living in Germany, but I try to help: For my easytek I bought a normal Stereo-Cable with a length of 1 meter and 2 plugs of 2,5 mm. The function is good. This length is for me better than the original length.
The costs are about 2 Euro! Hope, I could help you.

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Thanks so much for your help. Cand you send a photo please? thanks!

Here is the link:

here is a photo:

Nice job @aby ! @Pepito: take note of the jack size but it’s just your standard run of the mill stereo cable (except 2.5mm). Maybe get a substantial beefy one to maximize the antenna. Maybe also unshielded as it’s an antenna.

Thanks! I think there is no risk or any problem anywhere because I have metered every part of the jack. At the original cable are only 2 part with connection: the tip has connection to the tip of the other jack, and the 2nd part has also connection to the other 2nd part. The other ones are dead with no connection. It seems to be an antenna with shield.

Did you take it apart? I’m wondering how you know it’s shielded. Not challenging…just clarifying.

Yes, you are right in your doubt!! My normal Stereo-Cable is not shielded because the 2nd part of the jack is normally the minus line. To find out, whether the original cable is shielded ( 1 line, 1 shielding) we have to look where the 2nd part of the jack is soldered to the cable. Perhaps you know someone who has a defect original cable. But there is no reason or need to shield an antenna. With a shielding an antenna shall becomes a non-antenna :wink:

IF…the easytek uses the necklace as an antenna, then the wire itself should not be shielded. It can be insulated (and they are by virtue of not usually being bare wire), but not shielded. Otherwise, as you say, it becomes a non-antenna.
Yes. One would need to take it apart to see if it’s shielded.

Yes, but the essential is, that pepito can use a “normally” Stereo-Cable without problems. I use this normal cable about 8 weeks without any problems.


So, this a 2.5 mm like this:
can works like the necklace I understand, right?
Are you sure? check the amazon link please.

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hello Pepito, excuse my late answer. Yes, you can use this cable. It shall works!

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