Does anybody use Widex Inteo

My father is going to purchase an hearing aid for himself, he currently uses Widex Senso, i just wanted to know if there is any big difference between them.

Thank you

Widex inteo is their newer instrument, the senso is now a quite old instrument therefore he will benefit from such a change. I remeber the Senso when back in the late 1990’s. It was a very succesfully instrument primarily because it is real confortable…

The inteo, has one insteresting feature call frequency transposition. The idea is that areas where the cochlear are dead should not be amplified rather than those frequencies should be amplified @ other frequencies which are audible (not dead)

This is not a new idea, I believe Oticon tried this a long time ago…
The problem with the Frequency transposition is that while many people
do Discriminate better, people REJECT it out of the bat beacuse it simply
sounds wired very wired…

So if your father can put up alittle bit and give it a serious try he might benefit and improve his speech understanding. As it is a high end instrument
you can expect all the bells and wistles…
Noise reduction, adaptatie direccionality blah blah but the main thing is frequency transposition

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xbulder thank you very much for the reply, do you recommend any other brand besides widex? He has 50db loss

I would say any of the biggest 3 brands have good products

Siemens - Centra (good product)
Oticon - Epoq w (I currently dispense a lot for them)
Phonak - Savia, possibly verve

The key is not only the product but also WHO sells it. You need to find a good audi which performs all the exams and is fully train. So for example,
I would probably not dispense well siemens because I have not extensively
use their software… I have use Oticon fitting soift and GN for the most part…

If the dispenser has done a good job perhaps it is good to stick with him and If it only dispenses Widex it is not such a bad idea… While widex does not have a hughe product portafolio, there are some interesting alternatives
such as the AiKia and Flash… I like the Aikia and the M bte is a small open dome bte …

Do remember is not the brand but also who supports it. For me, when i see a client I try to learn the lifestile and to see what tipe of aid could do the job
for such a lifestile. It is easier when the customer has wore a hearing aid,
generally they say AJA, when they like it

if you go for the Inteo BE PACIENT the speech discrimination will improve
but it will sound strange…