Does a "Normal"Tympanogram = "popped" ear?"

I have a feeling of fullness in my left ear only - a feeling like i need/want to pop my ear but can’t. My ENT says it is eustachian tube dysfunction but interestingly… my tympanogram came back normal.

So my question to the group (and to audiologists in particular) is: Does a normal tympanogram equate to an ear that is “popped”?

If a Tympanogram comes back normal is it advisable to then perform a presure test - where the audiologist increases the pressure to +400daPa and then has the patent swallow a few times?

Can a eustachian tube be partially open - and give a sensation of a need to be popped?

Can TMJ compress the eustachian tube to the point where it feels like it needs to be popped?

Thanks for responding!!