Doctor note?

AH emailed me and said that because of the difference in hearing between my ears they would need a medical clearance from a doctor to fit me.
What’s up with that?

FDA Regulation? But they should accept a signed waiver from you.

They will not accept the waiver.:frowning:

It does not cease to astound me that although most medical insurance does not cover hearing aid costs (hearing loss is not considered a medical condition) that hearing aids fall under the control of the FDA.

This is the second time on this board that AH needed a doctor’s note. Either Gale or GrampaDennis encountered something similar, from what I gathered reading the AH posts.

I’m sure it must be for safety somehow, I just haven’t run across it in my readings about what to expect.

It is recommended that when seeing an audiologist for the first time that you first see an ENt to make sure your hearing loss is not being caused by a medical condition. Your Aud could be considered negligent if he just fit you with aids and later on it was found that your hearing loss was the result of a medical condition. I remember when I first visited my current audiologist 17 yrs ago, I had just moved here from another state, the first thing he said was he recommended I see an ENT. As stated above, you can always sign a waver.

They would not accept my signed waiver.

Wow, now that’s really odd. Did you ask why they wouldn’t accept the waver?

Apparently there is a difference of hearing levels between the two ears, they said when I asked,it was their right to not accept the waiver and request a doctor note.


On one level, I have an appreciation for the fact that AH is not just making a sale, but appears to be trying to make sure they do right by you. On another level, the hassle factor suggests you may want to take your business elsewhere.

I too appreciated that AH didn’t just take my money, but chose to look into whatever it was they deemed unusual. They could have just pointed to the waiver if anything happened, but they chose to go the extra mile. As it turned out, there was little hassle since I had already discussed my plans with my doctor at my last visit; the form is already completed and faxed back to AH.

Glad to see that. I’m always anxious when getting new aids, to the point where I drove to Bristol PA to pick up my SIEs from AH. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you get the LOFs soon, and have good luck with them!:slight_smile:


Glad to find this has worked out for you!

I am getting them TOMORROW!!! I finalized my order and they agreed to have them fedexed to my home for a few extra bucks so I would not have to wait days, because I want to practice having them on all weekend.

I went to the Ear Gear company and ordered little covers in 5 different colors because the LOF only has 2 boring colors, so I will have pink, red, lime green, royal blue and black covers.

I’m so excited!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: