Do your RIC's migrate out of the canal when you move your jaw?

Is it acceptable for the RIC’s to slightly protrude out of the canal? I got a pair of Audeo Yes IX’s 3-weeks ago. The tip of my right RIC migrated out of the canal when I move my jaw. My audiologist (who fits mostly Seiman’s) started me out with #2 length RIC’s. After my next visit a week or two later, she changed the right receiver to a #3 length. Although the migrating issue is improved, the right HA doesn’t sit as well on the back of my ear as the left HA with the #2 length RIC and seems to float. The left RIC seemed OK at first. But now both RIC’s seem to slightly migrate out of the canal, and I find myself pushing them back in all day long. I believe I have 7MM tips on the end of the RIC’s. The audi said that if these don’t work, she will need to make customer molds, which will impact the quality of my hearing. When I first insert the HA’s I can’t feel the end of the receiver closest to my outer ear…after eating and or speaking for a while, I can feel the tip’s of the RIC’s with my finger. I don’t notice a change with the quality of my hearing either way. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and happy holidays.

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Fitting RICs is a bit of an art form!

I suspect that some audis will have difficulties getting in right every time.

That said, there ARE cases where the flipping things simply will NOT fit properly.

In such cases I have tried custom tips … but you then seem to get a custom tip which ALSO won’t stay in place!

Nowadays I simply switch away from a RITE model to a thin tube (if the audiogram permits) or an ITE or standard BTE.

I had the same issue and found using the ear grip (i call them Kick Stands) on the RIC.

I had the same issue and found using the ear grip (i call them Kick Stands) on the RIC.

The trouble with those is that they are usually fitted to the speaker body i.e. too near the speaker outlet.

If you fit a lock, the speaker can only be fitted shallowly … which I don’t think is usually the best place.

Siemens overcome this by … giving you a tube of glue so you stick the ‘lock’ further up the cable … sophisticated technology eh?

(The lock idea work well with the thin tubes they were originally designed for because they seem to be moulded a good distance from the outlet)

Should RIC be touching the Ear drum or just slightly away?

Should RIC be touching the Ear drum or just slightly away?

EEK … it should be nowhere near the eardrum!

About 1/3rd to 1/2 the way into the canal - but no further.

I’ve had similar problems. I started with 7 mm domes and a shorter receiver, tried 10mm with a longer receiver and now am using 7 mm again with the longer receiver - this seems to be the right combo for me. As my audi said ear canals are as individual as anything so I guess experimentation is the key.

Keep trying…there’s always superglue :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, what was wrong with the 10 mm domes?