Do your HA Batteries wear at the same Rate?

About 20 minutes ago my Right HA gave me the signal it was time for a change. I removed both and did a check on them. The right was near death while the left had a good 3/4 of a charge.
The last time I changed them the same thing happened. Could 1 of my Aids be slightly stronger then the other ? Just a question. :tada::tada:

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Your right ear is worse according to your audiogram. Not drastically so.

Mine are quite similar but I still end up with a day or two difference in terms of battery changes.

I wouldn’t over think it. Batteries aren’t all equal. Change them when they’re flat. Change them ahead of them being fully discharged if you’re going somewhere where it would be inconvenient for them to stop working.

Trying to keep them in sync will never work, even with identical settings.

For the first few years with my Oticon Agil Pro HAs, the batteries were more-or-less in sync. One time one would beep first, another time the other one. I could generally be certain that once one started bleeping, the other would start chiming in within a few hours.

More recently, i.e. the past year and a half or two years, the left HA invariably goes off first. Often it will start crapping out in the the afternoon. The right one generally stays ok until late evening. I’ve only found 3 instances in the last two years (91 battery changes–yes, I’m such a nerd that I have this stuff tabulated) where the right HA began to crap out before the left one. I expect that the issue with my left one is that the right one crapped out completely in Sept 2016 and was sent back to Oticon to be “fixed”. So, in essence, I have newer “innards” in the right one. Hence it doesn’t have to work so hard, kind of like young’uns vs. geezers. :wink:

I get my batteries in sync by every morning rotating my batteries between my hearing aids.


Will just come down to current draw of the HA components vs individual battery capacity.

Rotating batteries will even things up as mentioned above, but it depends on the difference in amplification settings for left vs right for the individual in question.

If they’re mostly similar, I wouldn’t waste the time worrying about it. :slight_smile:

Each to their own :slight_smile: Some are more OC than others. I tend to worry about bigger things!

Mine are consistent in their power consumption with the left being slightly more power hungry despite being the better ear. Incidentally, the serial numbers are practically sequential.

What’s probably more important is noticing a change in power consumption. If it gets drastically poorer, something has gone wrong with either the batteries or HAs.

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My right always goes first despite my left being my worse ear.

My right battery (on my KS8’s) give out first always and then the left some minutes later. I don’t pay any attention to which battery is replaced first. I carry two spare batteries is a tiny plastic bag in my wallet in case they decide to quit when I’m out and about.

No the left ear battery goes long before the right ear battery does. Basically its down to which ear is worse and thus requires more power.

Might actually try the idea of swopping the batteries every morning as someone above suggested.

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I keep a pack of batteries in the bottom of the case, which will also hold both HAs.

I stick the tabs on the back of the pack as I use them so I can see how many new ones remain.

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My right ear aid always needs the battery changing before my left even though my left ear is ever so slightly worse than my right.

That’s just like me. I have no idea why my right ear goes first when my left is worse.

Hi, I’ve never been able to work it out. It’s happened with the two sets of Phonal Naidas I’ve had, the current ones as well as the previous set.

Though I don’t remember it happening when I had my Superfronts.

I am not positive but I believe that the right hearing aids has some type of control process over the two aids that causes the battery in the right aid to be used more

My left always goes first but the other will be only hours behind so I change them at the same time to keep them reasonably in sync. My left ear hearing is slightly worse at one frequency but not much in it.

Also worth noting that the apps are not always all that accutate in showing hearing aid battery strength in my limited experience with Resound aids.

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Today while I was getting dinner at Burger King my Left HA gave a Battery Warning and 1 Second later the Right HA gave a Warning, so for that set it was almost Simultaneously. :smile::smile:

yes your ears may not be close to each other so the amount of amplification is more on one side and needs more power. another reason is aids may be dirty. Two tips: rub your hands together up by each ear to see if they are balanced. They should sound the same loudness. If not, go get an adjustment. Second tip: when you change your batteries, take the tab that you take off the battery and stick it on your calendar so you can see how long they last, and you can change them before you leave the house :wink:

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You can almost a extra day out of your hearing aid battery by waiting 5 minutes after pulling the tap that cover the holes on the bottom of the battery.

Interestingly, I’ve tried the “5-minute airing” trick for the last 3 sets of batteries and my lifetimes actually went down. I think, however, the problem is related to cold, in that HA batteries never last so long in winter as in summer.


My opinion is that obviously one of your aid has a bigger drain on the battery. Could be due to higher output required by a worse ear or it could be just a difference in the hearing aids (even if they are the same make, model, etc.)