Do you use your hearing aid's physical volume control a lot?


I mostly use that to minize loudness discomfort


Are you sure your aids are properly adjusted? As part of your test they should have determined the loudest comfortable level for you at several different frequencies. That is to minimize any loudness discomfort.


I would not want to lose the option to turn them up or down. Awhile back, I had my aids set up to control program with one aid, volume with the other. When the volume control aid went away for repair, I was miserable. So your question is really dependent upon your set up


About the only time I adjust the volume is when watching TV. Since I got my HAs I let my wife adjust the TV volume and it’s usually too loud for me. I just use the button on my left aid to turn it down a notch or two


they are! but hopefully I’ll get one next year too :slight_smile:


I adjust my Phonak Audeo B90-R RICs occasionally using the Compilot II and rarely via the App on my Smartphone. Most of the time the HAs adjust automatically to satisfy my needs.


Yes, quite often. I have also got the buttons on my Costco KS7s set up to do a variety of things – volume, mute, “sound balance” (tone), and program change. It’s usually less hassle than fiddling with the app on my phone.


Never used my volume control wheels because they are switched off by fitting software. If you need turn volume up or down too often - your hearing aid has wrong loudness limits.


Yes, I hate having to pull out my old iPhone 4S out and in. I rarely use it too. Much easier and faster to control on my hearing aid, physically.


My Widex cannot do that. (as far as I can tell)


I turn mine up AND down a lot so I think mine are set about in the middle of what I need. It depends on what you are connecting to and what situations you are in.


That’s very true actually. If you change volume all the time, then your HAs can’t be adjusted as well as they could be.

I never touch my volume even tho I’ve got it and it’s activated.


I use mine all the time too. I’m sure to some extent it is a product of a poor fitting, but I haven’t pressed for changes. Normally I leave my aids at a quiet “situational awareness level” for safety (like say if you were walking or driving), but then turn it up to normal or above for conversations. Doctor’s offices seem to be about the hardest places for speech for me because everyone is so quiet. That and any loud place.

My hearing loss caused me to miss a plumbing leak for a while, even though I had a friend over that later said, “I wondered what that noise was”. :frowning: We should start a thread for costs/losses/missed opportunities incurred by being hard of hearing. Now I check the house with the volume turned up every day or so.


I use the HA’s volume-buttons 2 or 3 times a day. In the morning when I get up everything is too loud so I decrease volume. During the day when my ears get used to the noise I have to increase the volume again.
Sometimes I even use the button for manual program switches between automatic, phone-calls (on foreign phones) and speech in loud noise (I don’t want the latter to be in the automatic program).
I don’t wear my smartphone all the day just to be able to switch volume or program. I am very glad to have these extra buttons on the hearing aids.


I find that hearing aids have given me a kind of “cyborg” feature. I can adjust volume in certain situations that prior to aids would just have to be tolerated.

And I can turn them up when eavesdropping. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Depending on where I’m at I use speech in noise and quiet. The loud volume does a great job, but also it overrides speech a bit, so I don’t use it often.


My Widex Beyond 440s allow volume adjustment from the buttons on the hearing aids as well as from the phone app. Programs may also be accessed from the aids or app.


You can toggle volume on both or one side only?


Usually that is configurable. Mine are setup for volume on both sides. Press to answer phone, long press to hang up. Last week I asked my audi to add a mute function. Now I can long press the down volume, either side, to mute. Lots of options.


On my KS 8 aids the rockers on the left aid control volume and those on the right aid change programs.