Do you use your hearing aid's physical volume control a lot?


I use it all the time. :open_mouth:


I don’t use mine a lot.

There are some days when I don’t change the volume at all.

When I do change volume, I find it more convenient to use either my remote control (Oticon ConnectClip) or the app on my phone.


I use mine often, when certain sounds just cause discomfort. For example, wind sounds when the window is down when I’m in a car. Or a crowd with too many people talking loudly. I simply reach behind my ear and turn them down a click or three.


Yes, but only instead of using the control on the phone for the same thing. But I don’t find the need to adjust my volume that often.


I use it now and then, to move up or down a notch. Some days we hear better, some days we dont - our bodies are a bruised lot and not perfect machines with perfect sleep cycles. But largely, the “automatic” modes work 95% and you dont really need to adjust otherwise.


I have a lot of things transmitted and everything has a different default volume, so I end up adjusting it in various ways, mainly on the phone or on the Compilot 2 Bluetooth device that is always around my neck.


Yes. But I need more words because “Posts must be at least 20 characters.”


I never use my volume control! I actually think, since changing to digital in 2011, I’ve never used my volume control at all!


No because my KS6 do not have a physical volume control. :smiley:
I very occasionally use the volume & tone controls in my phone app though.
When using my Phone Clip+ I use its volume control to adjust the stream volume from my laptop.


I rarely use manual volume control. Only when I use the phone


Hardly ever use mine


No I just use the app.


Yes, fairly often using the controls on the hearing aids.


I only use the app on my cell phone to raise or lower the volume. I have never used the buttons on the HA. I’ve had HAs for 9 months.


I change volume only rarely; doesn’t seem necessary very often.


I do at times when I do not want to pull out my phone to use it as a remove control


Yes, using the remote control. If not having the remote, probably not.


Yes, I hate having to have extras just to control the hearing aid’s simple tasks like volume controls, mute/stand by, etc.


I don’t, because it’s a remote or a phone app. But I wish I had a volume control / program dual rocker.


I play with the volume all the time but normally only the left ear, and I use the app.