Do you have to keep the same Audiologist with a warranty?

My hearing aids are under warranty for three years. I’m thinking of changing Audiologist where I purchased them in California.

Will another Audiologist honor the warranty if they carry the same hearing aid brand?

Thank you.

From my experience the aids stay under warranty, but you end up paying every time you see the new Audi

I was just wondering if I could get a second opinion on the adjustments my Audiologist makes that don’t seem to be working.

Again my experience was I had to pay the second Audi, because it was outside of the office of the Audi that I got the aids from. Now if you are lucky and there is more than one Audi in the office see the other Audi.

Do a ring around a few audiologists in your area and ask the question. That’s the only way to find out what a new Audiologist will and won’t do… Good luck.

Good suggestion, thanks.

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