Do you have moderate hearing loss, but not wear hearing aids?

I have a paid survey opportunity for three people that fit this description. If you have moderate hearing loss and do not wear hearing aids, please leave a comment on this post, or send me a private message.

Even if you own hearing aids, but don’t wear them on a regular basis, please get in touch! You would still be eligible.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Moderate hearing loss
  • Do not routinely wear hearing aids
  • May own or not own hearing aids

I have moderate hearing loss, was not aware of it as I lost it 30 years ago in the air force working on the flight line. Wore all the hearing protection as required, but still lost a lot above 1.2Khz I have had hearing aids for just over 8 months KS-8. I work in a Golf Club bar and the kitchen equipment drives me crazy as it is louder than most people talk. I also have short term memory loss. I know that does not fit the profile you specified perfectly, but thought, you never know! I have accumulated quite a bit of impressions from going from hearing impaired to wearing hearing aids. Was a PCB Design Eng. for 20 years and lost that career to the memory loss that has been noticeably coming on for about 10 years. That was a huge income hit. >$70K to <$30K.

You should be able to get your hearing aids free from the VA and also get a little disability too boot. I have moderate to severe hearing loss from work Navy flight lines and flight time in cargo jets and I get 20% disability

I did not serve during a war or engagement, so I am not a vet, just a member.
So, I do not receive VA benefits. I have submitted paperwork twice and they both came back denied.
But, I will keep trying again. Did you work in a time of war, action, etc. (a veteran) or are you a member?
I was an Aircraft Armament Specialist for F-15, F-4, H1 H-3, H-53 and C-130 Rescue equipment
and was in from Feb. 1982 - Sept. 1985.

I didn’t serve in a war zone in my 8 years in the service either. But I get my hearing aids from the VA and I also get disability. Navy 1968-1977 Electronics communications. But I travel all over the world in a cargo jet, and worked on equipment that was along the flight lines and also in very load transmitter rooms. You are a veteran and you deserve Veterans benefits and that also includes hearing aids, nowadays you don’t even have to prove it was service related like I did.

I have hearing aids. Haven’t worn them in probably a year. Only sporadically before that. They just frustrate me.

You served during the Vietnam War, you did not have to be in the war zone to qualify.
You just needed to be on active duty (in this case) sometime between Nov. 1955 to Apr 1975. Congratulations, You’re a Vet!
I served from Feb. 1982 - Sept. 1985 with early enlistment starting in 1981.
So, I am only a service member and do not qualify for many VA benefits.
Though… I am sure they could see that my hearing loss is a common
flight line injury in my career field during that era.
There is a VA near my home, so I will take my paperwork down and try doing this again, face to face. Maybe that will help?

I am sorry that you having such issues with it. I am one that believes that if you served regardless of when you should be covered. It is plan BS that when you served has any effect on your benefits. But I now understand what you are going through we are having the same issues with getting Veterans into the American Legion. The same BS restrictions.

I live in Katy, I had a bit of trouble at first too.
There is an acclimation period… it took me almost 5 months to start getting comfortable.
There were so many sounds I had never heard, to be honest,
sometimes it was frightening.
But it does get better and you need to work with your audiologist to perfect your program.
I found out I have been moderately deaf since the early 80s and didn’t know it!
This information helped explain how my hearing issue may have been part of my
my short term memory issues:
Wished I knew that years ago!

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seek help from a VSO.

Moderate to profound loss here, and a nice healthy serving of tinnitus. Tried 3 brands, from 2 audiologists, and returned them all. Would be glad to take your survey.

US Navy 78- 84 honorable discharge & a member of the VFW because of the medal earned during my service. Yet,I am not eligible for the VA. I’m retired but my wife still works… Our income “exceeds the requirements” making me me ineligible.

I don’t qualify for the VFW because I was never stationed oversea, even though I traveled the world. But never out of the states for more than 15 days.

I dont even need the money but i’ll participate

Sorry everyone, but this researcher is no longer recruiting!