Do you communicate well after wearing a hearing aid?


Hello everyone.
I have a question about you.
Do you communicate well after wearing a hearing aid?

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Yes. (Ask a vague question, get a useless answer)



Are you a student trying to run a homework question?

Without out any further explanation about your question, many people will feel offended and you may get offended too.



I think we need to be cautious with new unknown members, not knowing what their native language is, and how computer comfortable they are, and how nervous they can be in a new online environment. We all come from widely different backgrounds and often end up in an emotional state somewhere between panic, despair and confusion. :anguished:

I am a Recognized Contributor on a very large Android Development site with over 9 million users, and you can imagine the resulting language communications obstacles!

Some have to use Google Translate which, depending on ones native language, can be so-so or really horrible, so reading between the lines is a necessity.

Let’s err on the side of caution and courtesy before we shoot. Thanks. :+1:



I think so. I think it makes me more talkative in group situations.



Certainly a lot better than l could without them.



No. If I take my hearing aids out I cannot hear any speech,.



I didn’t communicate poorly before the hearing aids. I wasn’t optimal then nor now, though. I probably do communicate “better” when using properly fit HAs. My current programming is terrible so it’s making communication more difficult than without them.

It’s the peril of letting a machine program the hearing aids after an audiogram update. I need atypical adjustments for my loss.