Do Wireless Hearing Aids Present a Health Risk?


By design, hearing aids radiate extremely low levels of energy; therefore, the levels of electromagnetic energy that wireless hearing aids radiate are well below the maximum levels permitted by governing regulations. The amount of conducted power output for various 2.4 GHz hearing aids are compared to the conducted power output of a representative smartphone in Figure 2. Based on these measured data, it is reasonable to conclude that the conducted power of 2.4 GHz hearing aids are significantly lower than those of cellular phones.


Hum, interesting. You answered one of my question about this kind of Hearing aids. I have Resound since one years and I have non collateral effect ;-).


Thank you for this. I was thinking about this the other day as someone raised a question about safety of wireless access points etc. Interesting the numbers compared to a cellphone. I wonder what Samsung phones rate compared to an Iphone.