Do Settings Made in MyPilot stick in Aids?

I’ve had my Phonak Exelia Art Micro, MyPilot and iCom (worthless) for 3 years now and have increased volume via the MyPilot a few times. Each time I turn the Pilot on it displays back to original settings. So I’m asking a question I should know but don’t…

Do the aids remain at the new adjusted setting make by MyPilot forever? Well, at least until changed in MyPilot next time anyway. This with aids turned off every night.

I don’t have Phonak HA’s but my wife does and if she changes volume using the remote it will go back to original setting when you restart after turning the aids off. I’m pretty sure yours will go back to the default settings too.

You need your HAs to have a feature within them, I think it’s called FlexVolume, if you have FlexVolume in your HAs then eventally the volume will stick at the level you put it at.

If you don’t have that feature, it will revert back to what your Audi set it at when you turn HAs off. I had the myPilot and if I turned volume up with myPilot and then turn HAs off, the myPilot would be showing the wrong volume. You would actually be at your volume that the Audi set it at and th myPilot would be wrong.
if you turn the myPilot off and not your HAs then your hearing aids will still be at a higher volume but your myPilot will show it at the default volume.

EDIT- Its actually called Self Learning - Logs, learns and adapts user volume preferences. If you don’t have this, then your HAs will revert back to the default volume no matter what your myPilot says :slight_smile:

Thanks Naida, that’s a big help. I kinda remember this feature from when I got them. I’ll have to remember to adjust them each time I turn them on.

Actually, one more question. I understand I have to reset the adjusted volume, but do I need to keep the mypilot turned on and close by? Does all this take place under the Automatic window or do I need to go to the Direct Control window?