Do not download iOS 11.4!


Apple asked me too and I tried to send it. Doesn’t matter anymore cause fortes are going back this week. If I can’t stream I’ll just go back to old ha. Any body have problems with ks8?


It is not just you. Unfortunately I also downloaded iOS 11.4. I basically cannot use my phone with my ReSound Linx 9s hearing aids. I had to just disconnect them from my phone! Emailed my audi, and she gave me the phone number for Resound support. I will call Monday.


Hear my saga. I talked to resound support twice and got no help except them going through their menus and wasting my time. They blamed Apple and didn’t care if my problem was resolved, Apple support wasn’t any better. Said they’re aware of the problem.

Went to Costco friday with all my paperwork and boxes, my trial period ends next week.The so called hearing aid specialist called resound and they said my phone, iPhone se is not compatible with the resound hearing aids. News to me. They said some have been working with resound, but ios 11.4 broke most of them. She started to process refund and i asked about other options, ks8 or any others. She said they probably won’t work either. I asked her to call and find out, I was ready to order them. She said no point, so I got a refund and am using my old hearing aids. Costco lost another sale due to poor service. I joined Costco just to get new hearing aids.

The service at Costco was a total waste of time. Unfortunately this store only has one hearing aid specialist and a trainee. I wasn’t real happy with her programming and saw another one at a different store halfway through my trial period. He reluctantly made some adjustments that allowed me to use them. I’ll go back to my real audiologist and have my old ones readjusted.


Hello. My husband is using Audible books almost daily with KS 8s and a refurbished iPhone 6. The operating system is iOS 11.4. We purchased that phone for his use with the KS 8s as I’m pretty much glued to the iPad. (I’ll install the iOS 12 Beta whatever # soon, at least on the iPad.)

The KS 8s are far superior to the 7s which were traded for the upgrade. There is less annoying buzzing of certain voices and perfect streaming from the iPhone. Highly recommend at $1700 for the pair. We did purchase the drying box and use it nightly.

The batteries last about a week if he doesn’t put them away screeching. In his defense, the noise is high frequency, so he doesn’t hear it well. Opening the battery compartment is NOT intuitive. Put your thumbnail in the crease and pull back and up. We’ll get used to it. No time to try out the Telecoil yet but happy for that also. We prefer the appearance of the T model and the size 13 battery. It looks less like a piece of jewelry.

My husband’s hearing loss was partly caused by chemo/hormonal therapy, i.e. he has advanced prostate cancer “fish to fry”, not just hearing loss. Wishing you similar success with your audible book listening. Since we don’t get out much, it’s a welcome escape. Mrs. S


I am on iOS 11.4. I have the iPhone X. I have disconnect issues on occasion. Usually, one ear or the other disconnects. Very annoying. Be careful. Sometimes resetting the HA is the best. Sometimes, resetting the accessory is best. Sometimes, putting the phone in airplane mode for a couple seconds then back to normal is best. Also the HA will disconnect more as the battery weakens.


I may have found a solution!

The problem for KS6 users may be the Kirkland Signature Choice app. I have a much loved and used iPhone SE. the moment iOS 11.4 was installed, streaming music and telephone voice streaming stopped. I could still use the Choice app to change settings on my pair of KS6’s but it was somewhat erratic. However the following sequence solved the problem:

  1. Delete the Kirkland Signature Choice app from iPhone;
  2. Un-pair the KS6’s (settings/general/accessibility/mfi hearing devices//Forget this device);
  3. Shut down iPhone & then restart;
  4. Do not re-install the Kirkland Signature Choice app!;
  5. re-pair the KS6’s
  6. Music and voice streaming should be back and working very well!

The above worked perfectly for me. Hopefully it will also work for you. Also, hopefully reSound will fix the Kirkland Signature app!


Glad that worked for you. I called the ReSound customer service yesterday, and he told me that iOS 11.4 is an industry-wide problem with the iphone SE. It is not just ReSound aids that don’t work, but none of the Mfi hearing aids are streaming to ears. Also, the bluetooth in cars may not work, my nephew’s bluetooth baby monitor quit working. I am going to use a relative’s old iphone 6S until they figure out a work-around. The rep said that would probably work. Meanwhile, you can turn off “Stream to right hearing device” and “stream to left hearing device” in the accessibility section on the MFi hearing devices.


When I get the above, the aids have not paired properly. I get the name of the aid entered by the audiologist. Mine says: Ken’s HA. and is a single entry. I am running 11.4.

I have a 5S and KS6 aids. I have no problems with cutting out etc.


Exactly. The problem seems to be with the iphone SE. I am going to use a 6S until they get it fixed.


I hear occasional single-ear clicking on 11.4 and 11.4.1 (beta) with Nx 7’s only with Apple Watch connected and using messaging apps. I will try iOS 12 beta and see if the issue is resolved.


Now that IOS 11.3.1 is nolonger digitally signed by Apple there appears to be now way back to get rid of the useless IOS 11.4. Any suggestions??


Using iOS 11.4.1 now, the problem has been solved!


I’ve got ReSound hearing aids, and was experiencing these IOS 11.4 upgrade problems. I signed up for beta releases of IOS, and last night upgraded to “IOS 11.4.1 public beta 3”. Problems solved!


Any help?
I just got my first pair of hearing aids: Widex Evoke- $5400.00!
When I learned that they only work with android devices with an extra device I went all in and switched to iPhone 8s. $1000.00. I got the phone, set it up and of course it updated immediately to 11.4.1.
Now (as mentioned in this thread) I get no sound on the left side!
I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED and want to return them!
I have tried all the anecdotes I have read and the beta10 release of ios 12 with the same result.

Any advice? Thank you.


Have you tried to roll back the update to an earlier one? I’d take it to an Apple store genius since it’s brand new.


yes. Unfortunately, Apple is no longer signing the older ios. ;-(


The latest iOS 12 public beta streams fine to my ReSounds. I can’t think of why it wouldn’t do the same with your Widexs, unless they weren’t set up properly. So I suggest going back to where you got them.


This is unacceptable. Your AUD or dispenser should fix or replace.


Are those the Costco HA? Resound?
I’m new.
I’m pretty sure that widex did not upgrade their firmware to match Apple.


I have ReSound LINX 3D, not the Costco version.

iOS 12 should be compatible with existing MFi hearing aids. I’ve seen nothing at all to the contrary. You’re streaming ok on the right side? If so then there’s no compatibility problem. Your left aid is set up wrong, or defective.