Do not download iOS 11.4!


Is it just me, or did ios 11.4 totaly stop my iphone from streaming? Soon as it starts to stream one or both aids disconnect from phone. Phone calls or music or the reason I got them, audiobooks. If one connects, the other one turns on and off. I have resound fortes and only have a couple of weeks left on trial. They have been giving me dropouts in one ear or the other for a long time, but this is ridiculous.


No issues here with iOS 11.4, iPhone X, ReSound Forte 8 RICs.


Glad for you. Have you had any dropouts? One side loses audio? Sometimes both.


No dropouts so far, but it’s early.


Updated  watch. Updated iPhone 7 with AirPlay 2. Guess what? For the past 5 hours…NO CLICKING!!! So far so good


Happy its better for you too. Funny thing is apple forum has people with same problem as me. Just jy luck.


I guess you tried the hard reset then reboot the phone.


Odd. Clicking came back under the same conditions as the last few hours. Oh well sorry


I have OPN 1 aids and an iPhone 8+. Updated to IOS 11.4 the same day it came out and have not had any problems so far with streaming. Also no clicking so far which is nice.


I think it is resound problem. Talked to the customer service today and they were absolutely zero help I reset the phone did everything still doesn’t work they are going back next week.


iPhone 8, Phonak Bolero SP and I have drop outs :cry:


There is version 11.4.1 now out so it may have fixed some problems. Was only about 24 hours after 11.4 that 11.4.1 became available.


Didn’t have a problem with 4. Had a call today with no problems. KS6 (Resound Linx)


Don’t see 11.4.1 where do I go?


It was released yesterday as a public beta.


It was also Pushed later this morning as an OTA update if you had installed 11.4


I just checked and 1.4 is current for my older 5S. It looks like it is model specific. I think the latest version is the one needing the update and most of the update is improved features/fixes.


Yeah… It doesn’t show up in my iPhone. Did hard reset. If it doesn’t show, Costco getting them back next week. Trial period ends in 2 weeks.


Slow connection and dropped connection to my ReSound Linx have been an issue now ever since iOS 11. Apple is aware of this, and that it is an iOS issue, not a ReSound issue. They even asked me to send some system data from my phone to help them resolve the problem (yes, I made sure it was really Apple) . They acknowledge they still haven’t succeeded. Very annoying.


Sounds like iOS 12 beta is available now (or at least soon).