Do I need BTE or can I have RIE


I was wondering if I need BTE with the tube and ear mould or if the RIE like the Oticon OPN would be suitable. My last pair of linx2 9’s didnt seem to do the job. My audiogram is on my profile.


a BTE would be for you! (I have 50% hearing loss and I sound kinda like you)

Whatever you choose, I believe you need custom well-fitting molds, not domes. I have acrylic molds with my RIC HAs. --Steve

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I have RIE or RICs as I know them, previously I had always had BTEs with moulds (30+ years) I had been led to believe I couldn’t have RICs till recently, currently have a power receivers with custom mould which I adore you can always ask for RICs with custom moulds if your Audi is willing to work with you though I suspect you may need different strength Receivers for each ear as Receivers have a frequency band they work best in. For me personally I’m sold on RICs with a mould and wish I’d had them sooner these have been less work than my BTEs ever were.

Have you spoken to your Audi about wanting to try RICs/RIEs? And what did they suggested?

I use an HP RIE, the Costco KS8.0. I like the RIC/RIE model but it’s your choice. Both models have HP or UP power. I’m currently using double domes but will get impressions done soon for custom molds because I want a deep seated mold to cut down on occlusion so I can stay with a fully sealed fit (I like the performance of that).

I have an audiogram with similar loss and use domes with an HP receiver. I don’t seem to need sound recover options but that is also a possibility.

It boils down to slightly better performance and an ability to avoid feedback. That will depend a bit on your canal shape. You could try domes and go to molds if that is warranted.

Thanks for the feedback. I previously had Resound Linx2 9’s which I purchased in 2015. I have since lost my left one and my right one doesn’t really seem to perform that well, even after numerous appointments. It is a higher power receiver than the the left was and has a custom mold. I am going to try so different Audiologists and find one that is experienced with the particular product I choose. I am looking at the Oticon OPN mini-RITE, unless they suggest I need BTE.
Thanks again

You should find success with a RIC. If you have a lot of hearing in noise problems, you may or may not find Oticon your best choice. It depends a lot on the person’s individual loss.

Thanks Ken,

I am unsure how I will go with the Oticons, do you recommend any other HA’s for my hearing loss profile?


Phonak’s Naida RIC would do nicely for your loss. But with a competent Hearing Aid Specialist, you should really do good with any of the big six manufacturers. Just make sure the professional you choose is very familiar with the chosen product. A good professional that does speech mapping and hearing in noise tests and is familiar with programming your particular product will get the most out of it for you.

Really the fitter is as important or more important than the brand. The major one are similar but slightly different and only your ears can say which is best.

If the RIC don’t seem to do it, consider the BTE. A bit larger but that includes a larger speaker that you might see beneficial.