Do I Need An Aid For Both Ears?

OK, I’ve been using an inexpensive amplifying aid in one ear (left, since it’s worse than right). Works ok, but doesn’t adjust in any way to loud noises (e.g. dogs barking). Now I am thinking about getting an open ear digital (perhaps Delta 8000 or Phonak Micro-Eleva). I’d rather start with just one, rather than have to wear two. Is that impractical?

consider the delta 4000 is good and considerable cheeaper

Hurt from paxil

If your hearing is the same in both ears, and you are truly a good audiometric candidate for hearing aids, then you will function better in noise and in sound localization using two hearing aids. In a quiet environment, you will likely do fine with just one, but the more complex the situation, the more you need to use your two ears together.

I guess it depends on the return policy of the clinic. When I have patients that are debating one versus two, I usually recommend that they try both and return one if they decide that they do just as well with one. The catch here is not to sit in front of the TV and try one, then the other, then both. That is not an environment where two will be better. Do it in a restaurant or group. This type of environment will give you a better idea of the advantages of binaural hearing.