Do I Expect Too Much?

This is my first experience with hearing aids, so I may have unrealistic expectations. I’m hoping those with experience can offer some advice. I have about a 70dB loss in the left ear and about 40dB in the right (don’t have actual audiogram to post actual values right now).

I’m having trouble getting my aids adjusted so that the hearing in both ears is the same (or at least close). I feel my right ear is pretty good, but my left ear still has a signifigant loss compared to the right even with the HAs on. It’s very uneven - I would say that the right ear hearing is at least 2x better than the left. I had hoped that with the HAs I would feel more balanced. The hearing in the left is still too poor for me to talk on the phone on that side, so I feel that something is not right.

How do you explain to your audi that you feel that one of your HAs needs more than just some “fine tuning”? How do your audi’s check their adjustments while you’re in the office? Mine just asks me “how’s that sound?”. But, I find that it’s very difficult to judge the adjustment by just talking - especially to a male w/ a deep voice when my loss is in the higher frequencies. Do any of you check the adjustments by listening to music, or some other sound before leaving?

I have an appointment in a few hours, and I hope to make some progress in this left ear. Thank you for any advice.

BTW, I have a pair of Exelia Micros.

My right hear has had poor hearing for years. Now that I am aided the right ear is still worse. There may be several things going on but I do NOT think my right hearing is ever going to equal the left ear even aided.

At your appointment state what you stated here.

Yes I expect you are expecting TOO MUCH. You and I have not had equal hearing for years or longer. :slight_smile: When we stop thinging about our hearing SO much the brain will manage our hearing like it has for a long time and the weaker hear will not be our focus. :slight_smile:

Do others have some way of testing the adjustments while at the audi’s office?

The biggest part of the loss in my left ear is due to surgery to remove a cholesteatoma a few months ago. So the loss was pretty sudden and it’s been a significant struggle.

Assuming you aids are digital, your audiologist should be able to balance your aids using the computer program. He should also be able to listen to the aids using a stethescope type device to hear if they sound okay. But ultimately if you are not happy with the aids then tell him why.

this should not be an issue if you ask your audi to do speech mapping…
seems like your audi needs to verify your HI

Maybe you are expecting too much.

A 40dB sensorineural loss suggests that most of the ‘microphones’ in that ear are still there … but the ‘amplifier’ section is not too healthy. This will lead to low perceived volume.

A 70dB sensorineural loss suggests that some of the ‘microphones’ in that ear are damaged … and the ‘amplifier’ section is in very poor shape. This will lead to very low perceived volume AND possible poor frequency discrimination.

In other words you aren’t comparing like-with-like, so getting one side to sound and perform like the other might be a problem.

Note: Is the loss on that side sensorineural and not conductive? Did the operation damage the auditory nerve?