Do hearing aids contribute to hearing loss?


My dad has used hearing aids most of his life is almost 90 claims they make it worse and dose not think I should not wear them in both ears and save one ear. From my point of view two work’s a lot better than one with one you cannot tell where noise comes from .
What everyone think do the make your hearing worse over time?
I know to listen to music with ear bud I have to turn it up past the safe levels to even begin to hear it so I would assume hearing aids are above this level?



first of all: Not using hearing aids will harm you, too. Your brain will forget how to recognize speech, and unused nerve tracts might go out of function.

Hearing aids might hurt your ear if

  • they are set up wrongly
  • your hearing loss is so profound that you need levels to hear that are harmful

In the latter case, this is a matter of compromise: One could say, that if you hear nothing withoud aid, one might accept that to hear for a few years is better than to hear nothing right away. Today, there´s always the possibility to use a CI .

Modern hearing aids have lots of means to protect your hearing. First of all, there is compression: The louder the input gets, the less it is amplified. In my case, for instance, there is at 2 kHz 15 dB gain at 50 dB input, 5 dB gain at 65 dB input, no gain at 80 dB input (values are different for different frequencies, of course).
Then there is the MPO (maximum power output): There is a limit that won´t be crossed, so from a certain point onwards, things won´t get any louder.

There is one point, though: Once you´ve got used to the hearing aid, you feel (!) pretty deaf without one. My audiogram hasn´t changed since wearing aids, whereas everything sounds pretty muffled when I take them oud.

So: In your case, I´d buy two aids, no question. Have them set up carefully and enjoy music! By the way, the hearing aid turns up only frequencies where it is needed, so this is much safer than turning up the volume of the music completely.

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Well, being 90, some of the aids he must have worn then were quite primitive by today’s standards. Musician has given you good info about now and the strides available to an audiologist that weren’t there 50 years ago.


It is very true about your brain forgetting sounds. Yesterday with the HP receiver and custom ear molds for the first time, everyone talking sounded like they had a severe lisp, including ME! My first instinct was to tell her, HELL NO turn that Sssssss sound off! But she told me my brain would get used to it and low and behold a few hours later, it normalized and I understand words so much more clearly. Glad I didn’t have the Ssssssss turned down.

I also asked her the same question about the hearing aids hurting my hearing or what about turning the car radio up to 30 to hear it. I said to a normal person that is like blow your ears off loud. She said for me not to worry because my hearing is different and as long as I don’t turn things up loud than I need to hear it myself, I would be okay. I obviously, won’t be able to turn it up like that if someone else is in the car though.