Do Costco do CICs?

I’m thinking of paying the Costco membership so that I can go and see their hearing aids, but would like to know whether they even do CIC style HAs or only BTE.
I’ve had CICs for years, best for use with a motorcycle helmet, so would not consider any other style for my use, and would not waste the $60 at Costco if CICs are not even on their list.

If they do, is it known whether they offer only basic models or have the recent bluetooth streaming technologies available with the BTEs? My 5 year old Siemens CICs have bluetooth connectivity via a controller, and I would not like to go backwards on that functionality.

Costco definitely has in-the-ear hearing aids with wireless connectivity. See bottom of this page:

Thanks for the link - at least they do do CICs. By the context of the various styles on that page, non of the CICs listed indicate any connectivity, unlike say the one directly above that lists Bluetooth. Is it known by anyone whether the CICs have these features available as an option?

I know that my 5 year old Rexton CIC from Costco has Bluetooth connection via the RCU neck streamer. It was extremely unreliable, however. Its connection to the TV streamer was much more reliable on the other hand.

I’m pretty sure at least some of them provide some connectivity with the use of an additional device, but you’re right that it’s very hard to tell from the online link. The ones that specifically mention blue tooth connectivity are likely talking about the Resound Calas, which at least in their RICs and BTEs have LE bluetooth capability built into the aid. I think the best way to find out would be to call the Costco hearing aid department or go into the store and ask. You can usually get into a store without membership–just becomes an issue when you want to buy something.

Thanks for the tip re visiting without a membership. I just didn’t want to pay $60 to walk in the door to have that conversation and find they didn’t have what I’m after. My current Siemens Motion 501 CICs work fine, except the pull tag on the left one recently broke off and Siemens want $180 to replace it, so the many favourable reports of Costco have got me seriously thinking of jumping ship from the whole standard audiologist supply chain.

Also if you do purchase a membership and you end up being dissatisfied, they’ll refund the membership fee, but to just talk to them you shouldn’t need to even do that. When you go in, I wouldn’t ask–just walk in like you know what you’re doing. Some people show their card at the entrance but it’s not necessary.

I’d also be very specific in your questions: “I’m looking for a completely in the canal aid that I can stream to my iPhone. Do you carry anything like that? I’d also clarify if it requires some sort to device in addition to the hearing.” vs “Do you have any CICs with connectivity?” Good luck and let us know what you find out and how you like the experience.

The problem is that you may be able to get into Costco without a membership but if you don’t have an appointment with the HIS you may not be able to find them available to talk with you. The best thing to do I think is to call the nearest Costco in your area that has an HA department and talk with them on the phone. You may not get somebody live and may have to leave a message because my experience with Costco HA department is that they’re always very busy and may not be available to even answer random calls. But at least you can talk with somebody and they can tell you briefly on the phone if they have what you’re looking for and maybe even be willing to schedule an appointment with you to discuss your options in more details without your having to buy a membership unless you decide to make a purchase.