Do Colored Markings On Molds vs. Receivers Mean Anything Other Than "Red is Right?"

I had both my left and right Quattros sent back to ReSound by my audi for inspection and repair or replacement as necessary as my 3-year warranty was about to expire. As usual brand new hearing aids including receivers and wires came back. I had kept my custom molds myself and while putting them back on the new receivers, I was doing what I always had done, matching the colored dot on the mold to the colored label on each receiver. But for the HA’s I got back, the audi pointed out the color on the receiver body should be pointing down while the color on the mold should be pointing up, 180 degrees the opposite direction. My initial reaction was something like Holy Cow! I’ve been putting my molds on upside down the past 2.5 years. But when I got home, I looked at an old picture of my right mold and receiver and one can see for that HA, the red color on the mold and receiver would match (not seen since the top of the mold is facing away from the camera): Widex Evoke Custom Mold popping out

And I have been wearing the molds properly inserted as the removal stick as always been at the bottom of each ear canal for each mold: Widex Evoke Custom Mold popping out

But I certainly did have the wrong gestalt: match the color on the mold to the color on the receiver label. NOT RIGHT, at least not for my latest set of HA’s. It seems the alignment between mold and receiver body should solely be based on how you want the mold to sit in the ear canal, nothing else.

So my question is, are the red and the blue on each receiver and mold are purely to indicate left and right, nothing more? And if the color on the receiver ends up facing in a different direction, is there variation in the way the labels get slapped on receivers or the way the wire gets twisted to run from HA body to ear canal? I was wondering, too, if there is only one way with the Quattros to insert the receiver wire into the HA body? Just seems a bit strange if the colored label on my receivers always faced up but now I get both with the colored labels facing down.

I don’t have any colored markings on my molds. But I also can’t imagine putting them in upside down comfortably


My audi joked today that she’s had patients who put the left HA on the right ear and inserted mold in same canal and vice-versa with the right HA.

I’ve never had colour codes on my ear moulds.

I mean seriously. Come on people. We have a reputation to uphold here

I have ALWAYS had a RED dot, bar, or some kind of color marking on my RIGHT aid and a BLUE dot, bar or some kind of color on my LEFT aid ever since my first pair of Starkeys back in the '80s. My current Phonak Marvel aids have the same color indicators. As far as I know, the colors are indeed to make it easier to figure out which aid goes in which ear.

This is maybe a bit more important for the soft domes + wire style, cuz in the dark, I’ve tried to stuff the LEFT one in my right ear, only to have it flip right out of that canal like a fish out of water. No way could I have put one of my old hard-mold aids in the wrong ear even blindfold. But I can see it happening! If a person is fit with aids at an older age or with diminished mental capacity, all bets are off. One old guy with Alzheimer’s who my mom knew actually ATE his aids. Probably mistook them for macadamia nuts. :grimacing:

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