Do Audiologists need to customize/program the Roger On iN?

Hello, I have a pair of Phonak Audeo Marvels, the recharging with telecoil model 70. Do I need to see an Audiologist if I want to use a Roger On iN?

In other words, can I buy the Roger On iN from ebay and expect it to work just as well?

Thank you.

You can install the licenses/receivers yourself but I guess if you want adjustments, you would have to go back, or maybe everything can be done via the App? I haven’t played around with the App.

Make sure that the licenses/receivers are actually in the Roger On iN when you buy from eBay as most don’t contain the licenses.


Not hard if you know what you are doing, very hard if you don’t. Audiologist not required.

What kind of adjustments do audiologists make? Do they need to customize the audio programs on the Roger device?

There should be no need to modify the audio programs for the Roger On, unless you age have trouble with the ‘automatic’ program for the mic. There is also a separate APP for the Roger On mic.

It all depends how well you hear. I needed a lot more bass on my Roger program.