Do all HA have ultra-tiny Wax guards?

Do all hearing aids come with ultra tiny wax guards? They are a pain to deal with. When the aid suddenly stops working, I often replace the battery when it turns out I should have replaced the wax guard.
Seems to me there should be a better system to prevent wax in HA. Mine seem to last 4-8 weeks.

RIC type hearing aids with domes use wax guards. BTE don’t.

My OPN MiniRITE with a custom mold uses wax guards, but they’re easy to replace. I don’t seem to have a wax problem, though - my current wax guards are more than a month old and are clear.

Your wax gaurd should last 2-3 months. Sounds like your ears are over producing wax

You might try an at home wax solution. If you use an ear wax removal syringe once a week that will keep your wax levels low and you won’t have to replace them as often .

Change batteries every sun and wax guards the first sun of the month. But, I get them free!!