Do all conductive losses give you a cookie bite loss?

I’m really curious as to why my conductive loss comes out as a cookie bite loss and not ski slope or something else?

No one has ever explained the reason why my loss is a cookie bite.

My conductive loss is due to many many infections as a child which soften my middle ear bones and permanently damaged my ear drum. My last surgery to clear infection out of my left ear, they said my middle ear bones were one solid lump now.

Before I had surgery on my right ear, my right was also a cookie bite loss.

No, you can have flat, forward sloping, reverse, cookie-bite or reverse cookie-bite with a minor/major conductive portion.
Different underlying pathologies are usually more readily identifiable with different types of conductive losses as opposed to sensorineural losses, where there tends to be more guesswork.


This gives a good discussion of the differing types of conductive loss pathologies and what kinds of hearing may result…

My conductive loss is due to otosclerosis. Mostly high frequencies.