Dizzyness/vertigo problem-related to ears?

In the last month I have had 5 day long spells of vertigo, a momentary spinning sensation when I move. Prior to these, never before…

My doc says that its not an inner ear infection.

I have been working through the list of possibles, but I am not seeing any patterns, such as too much caffiene, any other sinus or ear symptoms, etc. No patterns.

This past Thursday was the most recent episode. My class on Thursday is taught by a teacher with a booming voice, so , since I cant wear my hearing aids in my MC helmet-I left them at home. Again, I dont know of a pattern, but was wondering if somehow a day off with the HA’s might be related?

Does anyone have any thoughts? The vertigo is horrid…

My ENT indicated it was probably an inner ear virus and would eventually work it’s way out, easy for him to say,

It’s been a little over a year the episodes are further apart but just as disquieting and perplexing. The only relief I get is from a product call Lipo-Flavanoid, it is not perfect but better than much stronger Pharmaceuticals such as Anitvert aka Meclizine:

Meclizine acts as a central nervous system depressant. It is believed its therapeutic actions occur due to the drug’s drying effects and its ability to depress conduction of nerve messages in the inner ear. Meclizine begins working about one hour after ingestion. It continues being effective for eight to 24 hours.

If you like sleeping Anitvert is great, my Provider also prescribed another med (damn senility) I can’t recall it’s name but has the same antihistamine effect and also cause extreme drowsiness. Taking both at the same time I could sleep 24 hours and no vertigo or nausea, but basically comatose.

Hope you find some relief, I feel your pain…


I suffered vertigo for a while after a huge flop while on ice skates. Something about loosening crystals in the inner ear. Anyway there is, as Robert said, mdication that can be prescribed for vertigo. I’m a little surprised your doctor didn’t take care of that.

You might ask the Doctor if it is the early stages of Meniere’s Disease. This is an inner ear problem which results in severe spells of Vertigo and nausea. The first step in prevention is usually a low salt diet, restricted caffeine and alcohol. Not a pleasant condition which can come and go at anytime. It can also result in loss of hearing.

interesting. I am already a non drinker, and dont use any addl salt on anything, but could be more conscious of salt in what I eat.

Now, that caffeine might be different story… lol, actually I decided this past week to cut back to see if it was part of it.

Next time this happens, I am going to try dramamine to see if that helps… I will let you know…\

boy what a miserable feeling when it does happen…

I think you need to go see an ENT.

I felt it coming on today, and took a dramamine… It seems to have abated. Since I only get one outcome, its hard to know if it died on its own, or if the dramamine did it… sigh.

Hi urbaw,
I think you should see your ENT, to determine exactly what is causing your dizziness, before you try any therapies. There can be many reasons for dizziness; some simple and some more complex. Depending on the diagnosis, there certainly will be therapies you can try which have benefited others.
Good luck, John

ENT. Now. Be prepared for a scan.

Found this…

:(It seems to be getting worse… More frequent, that is. I have been taking two dramamine when I feel it set in. It seems to abate to a manageable level. Its time, though, for an ent…

just what I need more doctor bills. yeehaw.

There are two kinds of dramamine. The less drowsy version is made of meclizine. The local pharmacist says that drs use that for vertigo.

I am curious… I never had this before the ha’s. Spose it could be connected?:confused:

I completely understand your desire to not have another medical bill, however, you really do need to go see an ENT. Vertigo has many origins. They range from being virtually a non-issue to extremely serious. I dont think your vertigo is hearing instrument related.

To better arm yourself against a physician who doesn’t seem concerned, you can specifically ask for ENG testing. Stands for Electronystagmography. It’s a test that’s used to pinpoint the origin of your vertigo. They may even send you for an MRI (scan) or an ABR (auditory brainstem response) if a lesion (tumor) is suspected. I’m not trying to alarm you unecessarily, but vertigo can be an underlying symptom to a serious issue.

Furthermore, for anyone taking Meclazine on a frequent basis - it is a serious pharmaceutical that is really a temporary fix. It is not meant to be taken for the rest of your life. It suppresses the vertigo that you feel, but the vertigo is actually still there, and so is the pathology that is causing it.

My humble opinion is to find a different ENT. If he/she wasn’t concerned about your vertigo, they aren’t all that concerned about you. Vertigo is a SYMPTOM, not a diagnosis.

Good luck!

dr. amy

thanks for the response… It seems as the meclazine isnt doing much to help, this last bout lasted for three days, and it seemed that there was nothing that I could do to change it. Last night about 9 it finally subsided.

The first doc was the family quack. The calls are out to find an ent, they are booking 2-4 weeks out. yuk.

Thanks again…

I have my appt, june 6th-business must be good. Funny thing, not funny ha ha, but odd… they insist I start with a hearing test…

whoda thunked it…

Well, the diagnosis is vertiginous migraines… yeehaw.

At least I got another audio out of it…

See ya…

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