I’ve had my new hearing aid from the VA for a week and today was the second day I woke up and got hammered with a dizzy spell. Since it was the second time it was not all that scary because I knew it would pass in a minute and it did. I called the VA and left a message for the audiologist and hope to hear back today. It may be unrelated to the hearing aid but it’s such a major change that it seems like it should be the first thing on the list.

Check your blood pressure. I will get dizzy if my bp goes down to much.

Also have had any issues with your ear or ears hurting since getting the aids. And also check to see if your ear is stopped up due to ear wax.

I’ve felt a bit shaky all day so I’m going to the doc now.

I hope you get feeling better soon take care of yourself.

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I hope you get feeling better soon take care of yourself.


Doc says it’s benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and the benign is what’s important.

Okay, you have a medical diagnosis: did the doctor say there is any relationship between your problem and hearing? I know hearing is related to balance. I agree a low blood pressure and/or low heart rate can cause passing dizziness. But that’s another forum.

BPPV is due to crystals bouncing around in the inner ear, so not related to hearing aids.