DIY Roger Select iN

My apologies if this has already been posted (I did try searching).

I’m looking at ordering the Roger Select iN for my Marvel M30-13T

As costs vary greatly here in Australia for the device. My usual Audi wants $3400 for it? And something about an “activation fee” I’ve double checked and she is sure that this is the price… No thanks!

I’ve searched around can can get it for less than $2000AUD from another reputable Audi.

But my question is, if I have the Target software and the Noah wireless etc. Can I pair these myself using Target? I can visit another Audi once I’ve purchased the device if need be, but would rather not as some get funny activating things you didnt buy from them.

I’ve read that special hardware is needed, others say that nothing is needed as the Audeo Marvels already have the receivers in them and its just the licences that need installing. Installing is a bad word to describe as its not really installing anything, more like activating.

I’ve found this document which if correct, means I should be able to do it myself?


If you buy select iN, then yes, licence/key transfer is fine by that file, you just need a pin and do one HA at a time. Nothing else is needed.

If you have regular select plus those x direct cubes then you’ll need another device for transfer the keys from roger x cubes to marvels.
But since you’re doing select iN, you’re good.

Another tip - you only need one iN device for licence /key, in case you get the urge to have pens and other crowd. Since iN versions are more expensive than regular ones usually, if anyone tells you that you always need iN device, just walk away, they have no clue. Even some phonak reps don’t know it. Used pens 1.1 in USA ebay to for 150 usd and work perfectly :slight_smile:

Price in Germany is 1000 eur which is about 1600-1700 aud. So that 2000 for not ordering online something so expensive plus having local warranty is okish. But that lady for 3400, that’s insane. And obviously have no clue about it either.
Tell her to get the newest price list, I remember seeing something about activation fee from marvels early days. Like you should pay something to get the firmware update in marvels or something like that. Long time ago if it was even true.

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Thanks for your reply, what you said makes sense. I think I’ll be ordering the Select iN online for $1888 AUD, I trust this store and as you said its easy to transfer the licence, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Best thing is that there is a Government Rebate scheme that will (once I’ve had the trial) reimburse me what I paid, so in the end it will cost me zero.

Now I’m officially jealous :rofl:

Transferring the licence: Turn off down both HAs. Turn on select. Short click the hole on select to check if there are two licences in it (2 greens).
Turn on one HA. 3 sec click on select hole to start blinking, wait for steady light. Short click on select hole to verify that you have 1 green and 1 red light.
Turn off the HA.
Turn on the other one. 3 sec click on select hole to start blinking, wait for steady light. Short click on select hole to verify that you have 2 red lights, that means licences are successfully transferred.

If you don’t get green steady light, that usually means it took you too long between turning on HA and 3 sec clicking the hole, repeat. I usually close the battery door on HA, turn select on the head and do 3 sec click.
If confused, just check the licence status with short click.
Make sure only one HA is on.

Only thing to keep in mind, if you have trial aids and decide to buy own, TRANSFER those licences back to select and then into new HAs :rofl:
Sending licences back to select is the exact same procedure.

That’s all. Why someone would ask several hundred dollars for that, it’s either greed or utter incompetence. Best to avoid in any case :smiley:

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I finally got the Roger Select iN today on a 3 week trial. Have only managed a 15 minute play with it so far, but its amazing.

Everything is so clear and crisp. Waiting to test it out at the next work meeting and at a noisy restaurant.

Have fun :slight_smile: let us know how it works for you :slight_smile: