DIY Phonak Bolero B70-P Programming with BiCross (Bolero B-P series)

Hi I just acquired NoahLink Wireless for my Phonak Bolero B70-P (Bolero B-P series which has biCross capability ), However, according to the fitting diagram below , it seems only directly compatible with Audeo B-Direct , it does not mention Bolero anywhere, What am i missing?

So, In order to do self programming, I have the Target 6.1 software, but Is iCube II necessary in order to link the Bolero B70-P with NoahLink Wireless? or Just iCubeII or add something else?

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You need the iCube II only. Often on eBay.

Nothing else will work.

Noahlink Wireless is for Bluetooth Aids only.

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Noahlink Wireless is for hearing aids that use (Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE) wireless communication. Your B70-P hearing aids don’t have BLE capability. So Noahlink Wireless is not compatible with B70-P hearing aids.

iCube II is not a link. It is a wireless programming device just like Noahlink Wireless is a programming device, except iCube II uses Phonak’s proprietary wireless protocol and Noahlink Wireless uses BLE wireless protocol.

To summarize, you can use the recommended iCube II for wireless programming or you could also use (not recommended but maybe if you already have them!!) the other two wired devices.

Some observations (and mouse hover tips) regarding the below screen print:

  1. You only need to limit yourself to an older version of Target 6.1 when using the no-longer-supported iCube. But not for iCube II. iCube II is still supported in Target 8.0.2.
  2. As you can visualize from the fitting device pulldown-menu the icon is set to Noahlink Wireless icon meaning that Noahlink Wireless is selected as the programming device (But it has a small circle-asterisk notification which shows (Incompatible fitting device) when you mouse hover over it. But if you use the pulldown menu to select iCube II, then the incompatible fitting device warning goes away.