DIY Oticon Alta Pro hearing Aid project for less than $1000 total cost

Here’s another real life/real time example…

Friday May 15, 2015; Bought a pair of Oticon Alta Pro hearing Aids/HAs from EBay.

Tuesday May 19, 2015; Received the Oticon Alta Pro HAs on my doorstep.

Today/Wednesday May 20; Removed the previous owner’s Custom-fitted Oticon Micro molds. Added Oticon Ear Grips that fit the 85/medium wire-size=2 speaker units. Added Oticon MiniFit Open 8mm/medium domes. Now they are standard open fit… Re-programmed the HAs to fit my daughter’s audiogram. Used just the one automatic program set to react lively/no Bluetooth devices used. Ran the feedback test to fit my daughter’s ear acoustics. Set the right HA button to up volume for both HAs. Set the left HA button to down volume for both HAs. Trimmed the Ear Grips to fit small ears/conchas. Order supply of MiniFit Domes (10-Domes) on EBay for $10.

Had lunch and said bye to a very happy new hearing aid user.

I love it when a plan comes together. Congrats.

Question? what equipment did you use to program the alta pros?

i have downloaded Genie from opticon’s site , program starts to install then part way through install it quits , any ideas?

never mind