DIY - Hearing Aid Self Programming - New Category?


Oh. Now I think I see (or not :slight_smile: ). Your thinking of going dark is to protect the feelings of the vendors. Thinking that the mere mentioning of being able to do this oneself is a smack in the face of these vendors. Hmm. Well that’s mighty sensitive of you :slight_smile:
Would they not have to be able to exist in a self-programming world? There aren’t going to be droves of people having the wherewithal to go about doing this themselves therefore they’ll keep that business. It’s just the technically inclined niche of the few that would have the ability to do this themselves. I would doubt there will be any avalanche of massive loss of business from these vendors due to the masses programming aids for themselves. I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Yes they are probably losing business to the likes of Costco and online vendors. But not self-programmers.


I totally agree that we are a small group and will have no discernible impact anytime soon. But from the viewpoint of the other side we may get painted with the same paintbrush as Costco and Online Sellers as the same basket of deplorables. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This bias is not new. It existed in the old Hearing Aid Forums. But the old Admin didn’t give a hoot.

I don’t care about protecting feelings. I just don’t want another re-org.

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The hearing aid industry is changing fast. Those of us who feel comfortable self programming will only continue to grow in numbers. I’d bet that our very conversations here are helping to pioneer a new model??


THAT I agree with. It was pvc and his wonderful references and then stories of people having success that gave me the juice to try to tinker with this myself. I’m an old timey computer guy so the tech didn’t intimidate me. But will we be enough to make a difference. There will be non-posting readers here of course driving by and noticing “hey what’s that…I can get these things online and self-program” that might pick up these heretical ideas :slight_smile: and then there will be I think the vast majority of others that aren’t much into tech and only grudgingly use modern technologies as tools to do what they need to do. So the former would be the growth. Interesting thought though. Hmm


There is a lot to respond here, and I don’t have time to respond to every point. However, I wanted to say that there isn’t really a need to reorganize anything, and in fact, I don’t believe much of a reorganization has happened. @pvc took it upon himself to move the mini Pro article to the Online Sellers category, and to be honest, I don’t think this was necessary.

My suggestion to the forum is that if you want to engage the online sellers and find out if they are selling something you want, you should post the question in the online sellers area. The reason for this is that I do not want the online sellers injecting themselves into every conversation on the site, constantly seeking the attention of new prospective buyers. I am not alone in feeling that this detracts from the overall quality of the forum, and makes the discussions seem less organic. I am looking at nurturing this community and watching it grow, and removing the pervasive influence of marketers is part of my strategy. My suggestion to pvc was to keep the new mini Pro thread in the main forum, but also add a second thread in the online sellers area so they could market their wares to you.

My suggestion would be to lock it (I can do that for you), and link to the new post from the very top of the original post. I think in some cases it may be worth having a post in the general forum as well as the sellers area, as I expect threads in the general area to get more engagement from ordinary users… I see the seller’s area as a place to say “Hey do any of you sellers sell the mini pro” and get their responses, etc… Not really a place to have a lively discussion.

If you want to take the DIY area “dark” that is up to you, and I will make that happen for you… but I will not invite the online sellers back to participate there.


What Abram said above makes a lot of sense. I totally support that.


Ok. We’re all getting to know the new house rules from the move. It’s quite clear now that you don’t want “online sellers injecting themselves into every conversation”. That’s different from what I would’ve been fine with. So be it. It’s your house. I don’t imagine any seller is sitting at the keyboard waiting with baited breath for some anonymous punter asking a broad or even specific question. I could see them cruising by and seeing something in a thread and saying yeah we have that. We can do that. Nothing pushy. Just saying they’re there. No slagging their competition or anything.
And then there’s the matter of sellers actually providing input and insight. Is that not reasonable?


They are welcome to add insight to any conversation. All I ask is that they don’t talk about their business in the main forum.


Great! Let’s leave it the way it is!!

I have no problems whatsoever with “How to Buy” threads being in the Online Sellers category. It’s a good solution.


Closing this as resolved.


I noticed a couple of you have already posted in the Online Sellers category. My suggestion is to be patient while the online sellers figure the system out. I’m sure soon they’ll be ready to pounce on your activity there, but I wouldn’t expect immediate responses now as they probably aren’t paying attention yet.