DIY - Hearing Aid Self Programming - New Category?


I am thinking about asking @abram_bailey_aud to create/bring back a new “dark” forum category for the DIY threads.

NOTE that the replies/posts/new-topics in this category would not show up in Latest and New. In other words the category would be semi-hidden (not in plain view). If you were interested in reading the threads/posts in this category you would have to visit the category first. Though, you would get notifications if you are “watching” a thread.

I think it is likely we could be more “noisy” in our own “dark” category.

What do you think?

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Not sure what kinds of discussions you’re talking about? Being more open about sellers? My leanings are to leave it like it is unless you could provide examples of what wouldn’t ok in current format, but would be ok in your “dark” category.


Just looking for a place to call home. Hmmmmm, how to say this without seeming like a braggart? The DIY threads tend to attract attention and when they do stuff happens. Professional shills show up, online sellers show up, newbies with odd questions show up. Things can get confusing. When things get confusing in the main forums maybe some will whisper in admin’s ear. I want to avoid future re-orgs.


I’ve expressed my opinion already…I don’t have a problem with sellers showing themselves in context of the thread and without promotion. Just “Hi, we’re here, we sell that”. If they go all hard sell or slamming other sellers then get lost.
Also, being noisy could be done in an off-topic kind of thread or category.
I’ve also already expressed my opinion here and before here that your (pvc) posts should be sticky’d and/or locked to you and the admin.


I’d defer to the Admins judgement. Newbys often ask DIY questions in the general forum anyway. It is nice to be able to share sellers info when one finds a hard to find item.


Yes, they do mostly ask DIY questions in the general forum. So we would have to point them in the direction of DIY - Hearing Aid Self Programming.

But we already have to do that anyway because they ask in the wrong places in the main forums.


Yes it is nice, like Flex Strips! I think that we could share to our heart’s content in a “dark” category.


Also, if we can have a more freely discussion about vendors’ pricing or direct discussion with vendors without them being worried about violating forum rules outside of the vendors category then I can see the benefit of it.


The forum is now a for profit business. @abram_bailey_aud has set up a forum for online sellers. I think that is gracious on his part. If we can keep the exchange here to a reference to [Online Sellers] or requesting a PM, it will benefit his business. I don’t see that as much to ask. A seller can link to his info there or invite a PM.

There are a number of traditional shop who also have been helpful here. I doubt they appreciate rubbing price quotes in their face. I think I’ve noticed fewer post from those who’ve been active and helpful.


So let’s take it “dark”. Isn’t this like the way we did it in the old Hearing Aid Forums. The Aud’s and other helpful members would post in the main forum and a small subset of self programmers would post in the DIY section?


KenP: That’s kinda what I’m saying. Sellers can post in a relevant thread (hopefully not too repetitively) and indicate that that is what they have to offer (hopefully without too much hype or negativity to other sellers).
Some forums outlaw prices. I don’t have a problem seeing prices. Well…unless you’re in a luxury item forum and people are mentioning buying toys for the price of a house :slight_smile: All forums are international for obvious reasons and so prices would only be good in the country that the price came from. “rubbing price quotes”…well…that’s competition.


I’m good with going dark. Don’t know why it isn’t already.


I agree that we hear a lot less from the audiologists on the forum. UmBongo and Neville in particular often shared valuable insights. Would definitely be interested in hearing from them how we could make forum friendlier to them.


KenP and MDB: I hadn’t thought about the participation of sellers in the way of providing expert insight. I had imagined that the pushback of some people was regarding sales and promotion. I have no problem with the former and would have no problem curbing the latter. And if a helpful seller garners some business from providing their insights here then all the better for them. No problem.


Well, most of us do disagree with the business model. Some vituperously.

Just think if you were one. Say you are a middle class guy running his own clinic. You give good service and care about customers and business. You show up here and get tarred and feathered. There’s always two side to the coin.


What business model are you referring to?
I guess I’m not reading the right threads. Where are these vendors getting tarred and feathered (figuratively of course :slight_smile: )?


Moose Jaw saw a few, Moosomin too
Runnin’ back to Saskatoon

J/K, I think he means a local audiologist business.


PVC got it in one. I looked at the provider forum on the old board. One mentioned and respected member was trashed in his own thread about his business. Rapacious is a term I seem to recall. Don’t get me wrong; I been as guilty or frank about my own thoughts.

Yes, they markup 100% and even more. On the other hand, I saw an article from St. Louis University (Link posted here) that talked about the cost of supporting a single fitter. Shocked me; although, I should have known. When medical is part of the description the cost start to look like a B52 toilet seat.

So they invest substantial cost that some won’t recover. An ongoing nut each month. The result, when you are lucky, is an upper middle class living.


I think trashing vendors (or anyone…although flame wars have been known to happen in all forums everywhere) would be a rude and obnoxious thing to do. They’re just trying to make a living too.
But sure no one likes inflated pricing. And if that’s your only available option then you’re kinda stuck. You’re allowed to grumble in all cases though. It’s your money. You want to keep as much of it as possible. Having to reluctantly give in to needing hearing aids just adds to the grumble. Then to be gouged…well.
So then the advent of Costco and online vendors arrives and the downward price pressure of the products begins.
Then here we are in a thread called self-programming and all we want is to get the aids for virtually nothing and then program them ourselves. And Volusiano’s experiences (and of course many others) seems to indicate that maybe being able to do it yourself might get better results.


Exactamundo. And all of these postings in the main forum about our successful endeavors is likely to “rub faces”. At least for the business model we are currently discussing.

Also, if we pay attention to new hearing aid cycles and begin to wait and buy hearing aids that are one generation back we may even start “rubbing faces” for the new replacement business model? Or maybe not? Who knows?

Anyway, as to the title of this thread I am skeptical that creating the online sellers category will put an end to this situation. I think we DIYers may need to step out of the sunshine too, go “dark”.