DIY Earmolds?

Hello all! Thank you for your inputs to this forum, it has been invaluable to me from diagnosis to picking out my hearing aids (which were the audicus altos) and now I’m on to thinking about my next pair. One thing I wish I had was custom earmolds, I find that my RIC aids are not very secure in my ears and they tend to slide out, and I’d like my backup pair to have more “lock”. I also find I have feedback with my altos if I have them near full volume (I was warned of this by audicus, but since I rarely have them on full volume this is less of an issue) .

anyways, I don’t live anywhere near a Costco, or any other hearing center, so getting earmolds online would be ideal. I see lloydhearingaid have a thing where they mail you the kit, and for $45 you do your own impressions and mail them back for molds to be made. Has anyone else used this, or any other DIY mold option?

Thank you all again!

I recently did the DIY molds through Lloyd’s, as you are considering, for the same reason.

The impression kit was fairly easy to do, although I would highly recommend having someone to help inject the impression material into you ears. You can do it yourself, but it was easier with a helper.

The molds fit very securely, but just a bit TOO tight, causing significant discomfort. One side had the end of the receiver just a bit too far extended, and had sharp edges which I had to file off. The venting was not adequate for me, so I added additional vents using a dremel tool. I have also shortened the overall length and removed some material from the outside so they don’t fit quite so tight.

The end result is they are VERY secure, but still aren’t completely comfortable. In hindsight, I probably should send them back and take advantage of their offer to remake them to get a better fit.

I have started using open click domes with concha locks which give the venting I need, and also keep them from sliding out constantly. Not nearly as secure as the custom molds, but all in all I’m happier with them this way, at least for now.

Overall I was reasonably happy with the molds, and I may still have Lloyds try again, as I think they could do better with some additional instructions on my part. I thought the price was quite reasonable, and the service was quick.

Hi Bob! Thank you for responding! In my case I would be getting the soft silicone molds without the receiver, so hopefully that would prevent me from having to do as much surgery on mine as you did on yours. You’re quite patient to be willing to do that :).

I’ve used Lloyd’s as well for myself and I helped a friend get molds made through them as well. They are very responsive and will remake your molds if they are not right.