DIY: Can KS9's the tinnitus feature be turned on?

I understand Costco does not turn on the tinnitus feature within the KS9 (Phonak) HA’s. Does the Target software allow that to be turned on since the Phonak models do have it?

No you can’t turn it on as it won’t be on the software.

No you can’t, but most of the tinnitus features are just noise of some sort to drown out the tinnitus. If you really want it, al you need to do is stream some sort of noise or music and it will likely reduce your ability to notice your tinnitus.

I have read about tinnitus apps that are available. Just stream them as mentioned earlier.
My raging tinnitus is not helped at all from tinnitus masking programs. When used it actually hurt my speech recognition.
A number of members have said just using hearing aids lowers or eliminates tinnitus.

Thanks for the reply’s. I recently trialed some Signia HAs and found that they brought back my tinnitus. The Audi added a tinnitus program, but it didn’t seem to help. I think you are right in that the tinnitus is so bad when the HAs are in. However, no that the trial is over, the tinnitus is there all the time!

My tinnitus is usually noticable when it’s quiet if brought to my attention (like now). However, when I trialed Oticon Opn S 1 it was greatly diminished. The aids seemed to have quite a bit of floor noise so maybe it served to mask the tinnitus. It was rather unexpected. If my tinnitus bothered me more, I’d definitely consider Oticon.

Hey everyone…
So I’m picking up some KS9’s here in the UK on Sat, yay! Currently wearing failing Audeo Yes’ (10 years old!)… I planned to do a shed load of research before buying but time (and laziness…) issues set in so after some really really helpful advice from the lovely folks in here I discovered Costco UK and hence the KS9 order (fingers crossed they’re good, I’m a tad nervous about it) In the meantime however I’ve developed a bit of tinnitus, blimey! I had two fillings on Dec 23rd and it seems I have some TMJ going on (so my dentist said when I called him and explained I still had jaw pain days later)… The constant sort of humming sound isn’t terrible but I notice it goes away when I open my mouth… I guess I’m hoping new HA’s will just mask it, even without the Phonak tinnitus feature thingy which the KS9’s don’t have…

Anyway, any experiences or thoughts out there on the subject or the above? I’m just throwing it out there.

Thanks all

I think you’ll be impressed with the KS9s. Hearing aids may help the tinnitus, but then again, they may not. I’ve become convinced that tinnitus is dealt with best by not trying to treat it. The more you think about it the worse it gets. If you were to decide you really wanted tinnitus “features,” you can use your phone to stream background noise to mask it. If you search “tinnitus” on the forum, you’ll find multiple discussions.

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I’m thinking/hoping you’re onto something there MDB… My ‘plan’ therefore is to do “nowt” (as they say in the North over here…) and see what happens… :+1: