DIY and using audi question

If I make changes myself to the OPN’s using Genie2 sw, what happens to those changes when my audi connects to her genie sw? Will audi see the changes or will audi sw undo my settings?


That’s what I was looking for, thanks.

That brings up another question, if you make changes in the sw is the change instant to the ha without saving.

No, it is not.
Usually the aids are muted while programming. Once done you will select save to either or both data base or aids. Once saved the aids will reboot and turn on.

In fine tuning you can hear changes if desired though.

So any changes made outside of fine tuning have to be saved before you can hear the results. That’s disappointing. I’m planning on telling my audi I have the capability to make changes to the aids (outside of fine tuning) but not until I own them, still in trial.

My understanding is no changes are saved until you push the save button. In fine tuning you do hear what will happen but you have to push the save to aids button to save them in the aids.

It’s best to be upfront with your fitter. Let them know early what your intentions are.

Yes, very good advice, I already told her I have the sw. she said “that’s scary” lol

That’s funny.
When you read this forum about how aids are fit, whether the fitter is trained or highly trained the results are all over the board.
There are DIY members who are really good at fitting and some that should not be fitting hear aids, just like the professionals.
A good fitter must have excellent listening skills.
My comments are all based on Phonak iPFG and Target software but I do hear other members talk about the other softwares. They are more similar than different.

And we must communicate our difficulties well. I think that’s my problem. Since day one I’ve had what I call a vibration in people’s voices that makes it difficult to understand. I’m not sure vibration is the correct terminology. It’s almost like a harmonica sound in voices. It’s definitely gotten better since day one but still there. I’m not sure audi understands.

My experience with Genie 2 on my OPN 1 is that while programming, my OPN 1 are not muted. And I can hear the changes I make on Genie 2 both inside of Fine Tuning, but also outside of Fine Tuning as well.

For example, usually I cannot hear the cricket sound unless I have Speech Rescue enabled. Speech Rescue is a feature outside of the Fine Tuning section. If I play a test cricket sound on YouTube on my iPhone, if I disable Speech Rescue I cannot hear the cricket sound on my iPhone. If I enable Speech Rescue, I can hear it loud and clear.

I believe that if you can recreate/reproduce and sound/environment while having the OPN plugged into Genie 2, you can hear the before and after sound after you’ve made a change on anything.

When you exit Genie 2, however, you’ll need to specify if you want to save these changes to 1) the HA, 2) the database. You can select either/or, both, or none. If you don’t select to save the changes to the HA, after the HA reboots when you click OK, it’ll revert to the old settings you had before your Genie 2 sessions.

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This is good news. Thanks

While the Date and Timestamp may still become different, you can revert to the original setting you audi had if you want. Just create 2 different clients. The original client and a new client. In the original client, connect your HA to Genie 2 and don’t make any changes and just save the original settings in the HA into the database of the original client. Then leave this alone and whenever you want to revert to your audi’s setting, connect the HA to the original client, and Genie 2 will tell you that the setting in your HA (presumably already changed) is different than that in the original client’s database. You’ll get to choose which one to load up on Genie 2, in which case you will load from the original client’s database to restore the audi’s setting.

In a new client, you’ll start making changes and save to both your database and your HAs. This will be your own sandbox. The very first time around, the new client database is empty so it’ll probably automatically load up the settings from the HA.

This is how you can navigate between the original setting by your audi and your own setting changes. While you can restore the original setting by your audi, the Date / Timestamp will have changed and when your audi connect your HA (even with the original audi setting restored to the HA), your audi will probably still get a message that there’s a difference due to the Date/Timestamp difference that the content in the HA is different from the content in his/her database. So it’s not really possible to hide it from the audi that you’ve been trying DIY changes on your own. I’d just be up front and honest with him/her that this is what I’ve been doing, and just ask him/her to work from the latest setting because this is what you’ve been happy with.

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I should have mentioned that mute or unmute is selectable in Target. It defaults mute but can be turned on.

Oh OK, so you’re talking about the Phonak Target software. I think the OP’s original question was specific to the Oticon Genie 2 software. That can be confusing.

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So if I save to just database audi won’t know I’ve connected to the HAs. I have told her I had the sw but haven’t told her yet that I have Noah. I will after the trial.

I think @pvc wrote an excellent post about this recent in this link Will my Audi know if I make DIY fitting changes? Yes!

Technically, If you only save to the database but NEVER save to the HA under any circumstances, then the HA still has the original settings by the audi and the original date/time stamp, and she will won’t get a discrepancy message when she connects your HA to her database next time.

BUT, this is NOT the same as saving your changes to your HA so you can go around and try the new settings out, then later restoring the original audi settings to your HA before you visit your audi. In this case, the original audi settings might have been restored, BUT the date/time stamp has already changed to the newly restored date/time. Therefore the audi WILL notice the discrepancy notification when she opens up Genie 2, and will be asked to choose to load either from her database or from the current HA settings.

The rest will follows the logic as outlined in @pvc’s post.


@Volusiano I have connected to the OPNs and was hoping I could find what the difference is between P1 and P2 but looking through comparing both everything seems the same. Is there anyway to compare two programs with a report or something? I can tell a big hearing difference between the two programs so there has to be some differences.

Had to put in the audiogram, now I can see the difference.