Diva, Eleva or Pixel

I am buying my first hearing aid and need to select from these -

Widex Diva
Phonak Eleva
Resound Pixel

Could you please tell pros/cons of these and suggest which one should I go for.


pixel - better value - cheaper instrument

is money an issue?
if not get
1- azure or 2- exelia from phonka

Hi pnp

I’m about 3 months into a set of Phonak microEleva, open fit BTE aids. For the most part, I’m really happy with them, but there are a couple of things we’re still working on. For speech in quiet, they are great. A huge improvement. For speech in noise, it’s getting better, but not really there yet. If it’s not too noisy, they’re OK, but if it gets really rowdy, I think it’s better with them off. :eek: Also, riding in a car confuses them. I can hear them constantly switching programs. When I’m riding in a car, I will either be talking with someone, or listening to the radio, so I don’t see much use for the noise only (called the “comfort”) program. I’m going to try disabling that program. Cosmetically, they are outstanding. Even when looking in a mirror, it’s difficult to see the thin tube. I would have tried the Oticon Delta or Resound Azure, but my hearing benefit (I can’t really call it insurance) didn’t cover those manufacturers. So, bottom line is they’re good hearing aids, but make sure your provider has experience programming them. Make use of the trial period to try a couple of different brands/models. Good luck.


phonak is a good brand… so should be ok