Distortion with headphones?

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From time to time I find it convenient to grab a pair of headphones. For example, for airline flights I have a pair of Bose noise reducing headphones, and for the work phone I have a Jabra headset.

In both cases I find the sound is badly distorted if I put the headphones over my aids. For the Bose I tend to get very loud amplification of wind noise and for the Jabra speech is unintelligible. It’s a bit annoying to have to take the aids out on a plane (which means I can’t hear the flight attendant/announcements) or to take a phone call at my desk.

Anyone know if this is normal, or is there perhaps a possible program setting for the aids (RS Quattros)


I wear in ITE hearing aids and I use over the ear Bose noise reduction headphones a lot with no distortion issues at all

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My hearing loss is a lot less than yours, @LeccyC . I wear Surface Headphones and the sound quality is very good. They are not very good at suppressing wind noise when I walk outside, though. For that streaming directly to my Quattro’s through a Phone Clip+ works a lot better because I can turn off any input to my external HA mics. If it’s very, very windy I will then hear a little bit of wind noise leaking directly to my eardrum through my occlusive molds from the turbulence generated around my ear molds. I would say overall that I prefer streaming directly to my Quattro’s thru the PC+ because with an occlusive fit, I trap low-frequency within the ear and get more bass. If I am streaming to the headphones, my external HA mics are turned on and they may be picked up residual noise leaking through the active and passive noise cancellation of my headphones. But it’s close to a toss-up. In summer heat, the headphones are “sweatier,” too, so in winter I may prefer the headphones as in cold winter winds, it’s like wearing ear muffs and they do a better job of keeping my ears warm! With the Surface Headphones, I do have the foot padding problem causing headphone frame vibration when walking on hard surfaces and it’s not really noticeable when streaming directly to the Quattro’s thru PC+.

Loud sounds and hearing loss can sound distorted.

You are setting up two sets of amplified devices in series. I suggest that you put the headsets on with the volume/gain turned all the way down. Then slowly increase the level until you have an undistorted sound level.
Too much gain in this instance can actually cause more damage to your hearing!!!

I recently got some Sony noise cancelling headphones and had some problems with my aids entering an acoustic phone mode, triggered by the magnets in the headphones. This had an effect similar to what you describe. My Phonaks give an audible beep when entering this mode though. The headphones sound great now I’ve had the acoustic phone mode disabled.

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