Distortion/vibration with higher pitched sounds

I have been using aids now for about a month. Been to the AUDI twice. I am experiencing a distortion/vibration with high frequencies, but so far he has not been able to eliminate them and seems perplexed. The distortion seems to be predictable with pitches in the Saxaphone/Clarinet mid to upper ranges and occurs when the tones are held for more than a second. I do not seem to hear it in speach. Is this common? What could I suggest be explored to stop it.

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What kind of hearing aids do you have?

This will help the members help you.


I have Starkey S11s. They are my first aids, but seem very good except for the distortion.

It’s called ‘entrainment’.

It is an unavoidable (?) feature of the anti-feedback software.

Your MUSIC/TV program may work better - as it has the anti f/b software turned down a bit.


I appreciate your comments. The distortion has been remarkable in two instances: female voices and while listening to music. Do you know if the Starkeys have the ability to have the antifeedback feature turned down globally or manually?

dispenser is correct, you can set a music program where actually fedback canceller is set off and the instrument is more or less set to linear…

But what is the initial feedback coming from that the feedback canceller is working on? Does that initial feedback come from poorly fitting molds, or the volume set too loud, or what?

Feedback is a risk with any aid : a sound picked up by the mike gets amplified and is then re-picked up by the mike and amplified AGAIN and again and again in an infinite loop. click- Click - CLICK … WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The time delay of the sound transit and/or the frequency gain chart of the whole system determines the pitch of the whistle.

Some aids are even designed to expect it and fix it e.g. open fits.

You must expect distortion and/or feedback squeals if you hear sustained tones with any aid that has active anti-feedback turned on.

Somewhat less likely is that your hearing system is generating distortion particularly if you have a steep slope loss or over 60db or so loss at some frequencies. Middle ear problems and possibly degenerated hair cells will internally generate distortion. Check your tympanogram for abnormality. Ed