Distortion in the FM program

Has anyone had distortion in their FM program but not in their everyday program?

My everyday and FM program is set to the same level/setting but I find there is distortion in the FM program but not the everyday program, is this common?

Does anyone know the better way of getting rid of distortion? Is it to lower the low frequencies or to lower the volume over all inthe FM?

My low frequencies is set the same amount in the FM program as in the everyday program.

If you have tried reducing the volume on the device feeding the FM input, and it`s not better, then the FM program in the aids is set too high.

It can also happen with the T-coil program.

It’s a Smartlink I don’t think you can adjust the volume on the Smartlink but I maybe wrong.

I’m picking up my new transmitter from Audi today will ask him about FM program.

ty JohnD

The smartlink SX has a volume up/down button.