Distortion in Rexton Transmitter/Smart Connect

My Rexton Smart Connect/TV transmitter has been working fine until last night. The Smart Connect linked up fine with the transmitter, but there was a lot of noise (static like sound) and when I started streaming TV, there was a lot of distortion and echo (TV volume was set very low so I wasn’t getting two sound sources). I’ll take it back to Costco on Monday, but curious if anybody has any thoughts?

What about your connection to the phone?

Yeah, that would be a possible way to differentiate Smart Connect problem from transmitter if it worked ok with phone. I never use it with phone so haven’t tried it, but likely Costco will try that for diagnosis.

The reason I asked is because one of our forum members, abarsanti, had an issue with static like noise like you described when he uses direct streaming between his OPNs and the iPhone, although it was working just fine before, then all of a sudden it happened. I believe he ended up having to send his OPNs in for repair and the newly repaired (or replaced?) OPNs work fine for him again.

So this may be a hardware issue with your HAs for real as well and not just a software issue with the connection.

Good point. The issue could be in the hearing aids ability to receive. I’ll have everything when I take it to Costco and see what they say. Thanks.