Distortion?! HELP PLEASE :D

My FM program is set exactly the same as my everyday program but my FM is distorted but my everyday program is not distorted.

From what I found out, would this sort the problem out?

Think I know what the problem is, FM program does not have compression I believe.

Distortion is normally sorted out by compressing the frequencies more or if their is no compression then to lower the ‘bad’ frequencies which in my case is my first two low frequencies.

It’s my right ear that I’m trying to sort. I don’t wear a FM on my left.

Compression (within each band of frequencies so programmed) makes loud sounds softer and soft sounds louder. ie: Reduces the Dynamic Range of the aids amplification.

This is needed for most HOH because the outer hair cells and/or a tiny muscle in the ear fail to do their job of attenuation. Ed :rolleyes:

Does this happen within the FM program as well?

I’m baffled as to why my FM is distorted but my everyday isn’t.


If the Naida VSP is the same, the FM+mic. is added as an automatic program, as is Easy Phone. Compression is greyed out, but looking at the software, it is almost like the Calm part of the Sound Flow program. So I`m not sure just how automatic it is, but MPO can also cause distortion.

The “T+Mic.” setting is a fixed program, although it is influenced by changes to Sound Flow. Have you tried that in place of FM, to see if it`s clearer. My “T+Mic.” is clearer than Sound Flow.

I am finding a lot of compression makes distortion worse. 50% is very bad, 90% is ok, but I may have to go 80% perhaps after getting used to it for a while. I am using Linear mode, NAL NL1.

Very strange but I went back to Audi this morning and he increased the bass big time and it sounds so much better so far altho I haven’t tried it in all situations yet :smiley: Thanks for the info tho John :slight_smile:

If you were not hearing much bass before, a lot of HF can sound nasty. It can take up to several days to get used to a change I find.

I think nasty was what I was hearing. I mistook it for distortion as I wasn’t sure the different in sound. My bad frequencies are my base so I guess I would need more base then most people.

I did wonder if the brain has to get used to it like the everyday program when you get new hearing aids :slight_smile:

I haven’t a clue what I’m using wise. I guess the standard.

Yep, the brain has to get used to it just like the everyday program!

Thanks for confirming that, now I know not to run back to my Audi and to leave it a while. So far still good tho so I’m happy :slight_smile:

You mentioned compression earlier. Are you referring to dynamic range compression (i.e., amplifying softer sounds more than louder sounds) or non-linear frequency compression, which is the SoundRecover feature.

I think both but not 100% sure. He did say that he would higher the soft sounds and the appointment before he said sound recover and bass boost are across all program’s not just the automatic program. I only have automatic and FM anyway :slight_smile:

What you might not be aware of is the Phonak ‘FM Advantage’, basically the FM program packs 10-15dB more punch because the engineers thought it needed to make an impression in terms of level. At lower outputs it just sounds louder, at the limits of the receiver performance the amount of harmonic distortion becomes audible.

You just need the gain or MPO controls in the FM program to be turned down.

No wonder like my FM so much. I thought it was effective because the FM microphone was closer to the sound source . Does this mean I am getting more dB than the HA produces by itself with the FM?

Think this oy happens on the new FM as they are better in noise altho some don’t like it.

Thanks, will mention this to him. He hasn’t worked with this type of FM before he said. I’m going back to get my left set up as I have a spare receiver so want the option to attached it in the furture if needed.

Will properly ask for the MPO to be lowered by 3db.

He did increase the speech in noise feature to 3/4 and it was at nothing before.

I’m wondering if putting the speech in noise to the max will stop the dynamic FM raising the speech level my 16db at the slightest bit of noise it hears?

The FM sounded SO much better today but I’m thinking it would sound so much better with the speech in noise feature set to max instead of 3/4.

Yes. The aid is just a speaker unit, mic off and lots of FM welly. Or you can have FM+M, but it’s still more effective with the reproduction of the far-field source and way less risk of feedback. All in all a very good system.

Even with the older FMs? I thought this was only on the new dynamic FMs??!!

I first encountered the issue on a Supero in about 2004ish. Don’t know if the same problem existed on the previous aids.

Dynamic FM like the ML10i will increase speech by 15db. The classic FM like the ML10s won’t increase speech by 15db, it would just be clearer as mic is closer to persons mouth.