Disposable hearing aid batteries

Hello everyone. I just got a new pair of Oticon 1 opn hearing aids with a moderate loss. I am asking about batteries. I had been buying Costco batteries with 4-6 days depending on how much tv I steam or phone calls I make. I assume that is average. Does anyone use any internet sources for batteries with improved results?

At $0.17US each Costco is fine with me. (they’re actually about $0.28CDN in Canada)

I average about 4 days with my OPN 1 using the Costco batteries as sell. And I do stream a lot.

I’ve tried Power One batteries and they last about the same. And they cost a lot more than the Costco brand. So I’m sticking with Costco batteries.

I order Power One’s through Amazon. Very reasonable.

I get the Duracells from Amazon, but Sams Club has them for not much more. They also have some no name brand at the hearing aid area for dirt cheap. I’ve never experienced much difference in life on the cheaper batteries. Mine last almost exactly 8 days.

ty for responding to my question

ty for responding to my battery question

I also get about 4 days per 312 battery with my HAs paired with iPhone most of the time. I lose maybe 1 out of every 6 mainly because spares sometimes fall our of my pocket.

However all of my batteries are free from the audiologist from whom I purchased my HAs. Isn’t this a common HA purchase bonus?

My mother from a Phonak company store does. Me from Costco no.

I have older model Oticons that use a 312 battery. I’ve tried several brands & prefer Duracell. I watch for CVS/Walgreens to do their BOGO sale & stack the sale price with manufacturers coupons. Typically I get about 8 days out of each.

@VAC55 to start it would help us if you told us what size battery you put in your HA’s

If you use a 312 and do a lot of streaming yes that sounds about right. I only ever got about 6 days out of my 312.
If you use a size 13 no it sounds very wrong. I now get anywhere between 16-24 days with my size 13 but that depends on how much streaming I do.

Sorry I can’t answer internet sources as I don’t buy batteries from the internet.

Of course if your hearing loss is a lot worse than mine, you’ll get fewer days. If you wear them 18 hours instead of my 15, you’ll get less.
Too many variables to compare battery life w. other users. You need to run your own tests among diff. brands.

I wear phonak brio 3 in size 13 and use Costco’s brand batteries. I average 10-14 days per battery with absalutely no streaming or Tcoil I wear my aids about 15 hours a day and a 18 hour day once a week Seems to be a good run for me and fluctuates on how long I wear my aids and if I’ve had to take them out more for loud music or swimming. My previous hearing aids which were oticon size 13 batteries lasted aboit 2 weeks again I didn’t stream or use Tcoil.

I have Resound Lynx 3D 9 and the 13 battery size (opted for the larger battery the Lynx comes in two sizes). I get 8 days pretty much no matter what I do, but I do use a lot of streaming from the iPhone. Oddly, it’s random was to which ear gives me the the low battery alert first, but if I procrastinate, they’ll both go dead within a few hours of each other.

I just wish the thing had a better battery indicator than the “Beethoven’s fifth” which tells me things are going to start dying in an hour. The indicator in the app/iphone interface is pretty useless.