Disposable batteries with higher than 1.45 volts?

I know all the manufacturers are encouraging Rechargeable technology, but I find a lot of positives with using disposables. I’m wondering if a future hearing aid and disposable battery might have higher voltage. I use size 13 hearing aid batteries with 1.45V and Rayovacs.

I wonder if they’ve maxed out that technology though? Things always change.

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I prefer disposable for now as well.

I think the batteries and hearing aids are matched for the voltage of the technology they are using (I hope?). As far as I know, the removable batteries are all disposable and all the rechargeable batteries are not user removable.

I’m not an engineer, but my understanding is that different battery chemistries generate different voltages. Disposables with Zinc-Air chemistry generate 1.45 volts. Rechargeables with Lithium based chemistry (there are different ones) seem to generate 3.7 volts and upwards.