Dispensers : are you finding some manufacturers really slow/ineffective during COVID?


here in the UK I am finding even the major manufacturers a bit slow to respond to questions nowadays.

I assume many staff members are on furlough and so are being paid by the government but are not allowed to work.

Some staff may have even been fired, as hearing aid sales are DRASTICALLY down.

One manufacturer seems practically comatose (not named to protect the guilty).

Is any other dispenser finding life difficult in this way?

Do you think that any regional/country sales offices have been or will be permanently closed?

Is any manufacturer itself at risk?

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in Australia it seems we’ve had some slow down more than others - custom products / mould are made off-shore by some manufacturers so this has been challenging. Current wait time for a custom product / mould has been anywhere from 2-4 weeks at worse. Not terrible, but not fantastic either when they start to push towards the 4 weeks mark.