Dismiss new posts button


If I log out and stay out for a period of time and then log back in I’ll get new post count indicators on the top bar (along with Latest, Categories, Bookmarks etc.) next to Unread and New. Unread I seem to think is for those categories I’m "Watch"ing like DIY and Sellers. New seems to be all others.
If I click on the Dismiss button after clicking Unread I get a confirmation like are you sure kind of thing. When I click Dismiss after clicking New then it doesn’t ask for a confirmation.

Is this intentional? Or am I missing something?


That is about right. You can also dismiss from the thread itself by choosing mute instead of watching or the other choices. Click on watching and you’ll get a dropdown to allow changing how you are informed about that thread.


The buttons have different functionalities. The “Dismiss…” button under Unread clears the unread post count (small blue circle) that’s displayed on each tracked topic (thread) and optionally allows you to stop tracking these topics. The “Dismiss New” button under New removes the new topic indicator (• new) from topics created in the past 2 days.


Thank you @rasmus_braun. My question was more about the confirmation. Unread Dismiss asks for a confirmation. The New Dismiss doesn’t. I was wondering if that was intentional. It doesn’t really matter of course. Just wondering.


Yes, it’s intentional. The ellipsis on the Dismiss button indicates additional information is required from you to perform the action. Specifically, it asks if you want to stop tracking the topics so they won’t appear as unread again.