Discovered HearPO. discount Hearing aids, partners with audiologist, recommended

My insurance company alerted me to a Discount hearing aids company called HearPO. You don’t have to be an insurance plan member to work with them.

I recently bought 2 Audeo Smart S V hearing aids through HearPO for $2095 (40% off list plus 5% discount for 2nd hearing aid), plus 2 years Free batteries (mailed to my house). I highly recommend them. They also work through organizations and have a Friends and Family plan. They are willing to work with this Forum for free under my Friends and Family plan. By the way, I do not work or am I associated with any Hearing Aid or Insurance company and do not get any compensation from them.

There are no membership or sign-up fees for HearPO. They include a 60 day money-back guarantee on new HAs, 5% discount for 2nd HA, 250+ brand-names, free office check-ups, interest free financing for 6 to 12 months or pay by creditcard, 3-year warranty for repairs, loss and damage, etc.

<O:p</O:pYou go to an independent audeologist whose partnered with HearPO in your town. Call HearingPO to see who’s available in your area and they will help you make an appointment and send a packet of information for you to look over and a form to bring to the audiologist’s office . There is nothing cheap or sleazy feeling about them and my audiologist is one of the tops in my town.<O:p</O:p

Check their website: or call 1-888-432-7464. Very nice customer service people, mention this forum.

Dear Calif Girl,

This is great news, I’m in the line for these aids. I would like to know if I can receive the same deal you have - 2 Audeo Smart S V hearing aids through HearPO for $2095.

Can you just confirm that you did actually buy a pair of HA for $2095, or was it just one?

This deal sounds amazing. Do I need to do anything special to get this deal i.e. coupon code or anything?



I believe the discount is 40% off list – it’s on their Website. If you are getting 2 hearing aids you should go to the Internet and search HearPO discount coupon. The coupon gives you the 5% off for 2 hearing aids. Print it out and bring it to the audiologist’s office, also mention it to the HearPO customer service rep when you call, This will bring your price to $2095. They are in Minnesota, so no sales tax was charged.


  1. Call HearPO tell them you are a “Friend of Carolyn Burd” from the Hearing Aid Forum and interested in their program.

  2. They will ask for your zip code and make sure there is a participating audiologist in your town, often there are 3 or 4, they don’t care which you go to.

  3. HearPO will send you a packet of information about their company and benefits. Mean while, set-up an appointment with the audiologist. I didn’t tell the audiologist right off I was going with HearPO but when we got down to the type of hearing aids they recommended to me and the price, I then said I was going through HearPO. No problem, they got out the price list and told me the new price.

  4. You should bring the order form in your HearPO packet to the audiologist’s office. If you are happy and want them to order your hearing aids, you need to either enter your creditcard numer on the HearPO order form and have the audiologist’s office fax it to them or set-up a payment plan in advance with HearPO in advance. (I paid by creditcard) and hand in the Internet discount coupon for 2 hearing aids.

  5. That’s it. Return to the audiologist’s office when the hearing aids are in, they are programmed, etc. You will probably have 2 or 3 follow-up appointments to see how you’re doing, all free.

BTW I was ready to go with another audiologist until I accidentally found out about HearPO. First audi office was not a HearPO provider and later when I check back with them about meeting the HearPO price they couldn’t touch it. I liked the new audi office and decided to go with them.

This thread sounds like some kinda radio commercial. Script:

Calif Gal (Join Date Mar 2011): Hey Jay I just got a killer deal on some hearing aids through HearPo, includes everything and you don’t have to be a member. Here’s the phone number.

Jay (Join Date Mar 2011): Wow Calif Gal that’s great news can I get the same deal? Do I need anything special like a coupon code? (How perceptive)

Calif Gal: Just so happens you do need a coupon code, but I’m not gonna give it to you. Use your search engine to look it up (Cha-Ching). Oh, and be sure to mention my name when you call!

You nailed this one aero…Calif Girl’s got a bit too much detail in her threads…

Not a commercial, check their website, no charge on the website for coupon, you probably can get the extra 5% for second hearing aid by mentioning my name, I am Carolyn Burd of Oakland, CA.

Give them a call, call my audiologist, search HearPO on the Internet. What do you need to provide a a more secure feeling? Give them a call and tell me what I have posted is not true and above board.

I am a real person who discovered a great deal, I was directed to them from my insurance company, Anthem Blue Shield. There is no fee, membership, etc. HearPO has a good discount with the various hearing aid people. You get 40% off when you buy through your adiologist’s office. Check your audiologist’s office and see if they are a member or check the HearPO website and put your zip code in. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you found your audiologist in their list.

I will be happy to email my actual paid invoice to anyone who asks.

Here is a link to an Internet posting by Aetna Insurance for the HearPO program. As I said, they work with Insurance companies but also organizations, non-profits, etc. There are no membership fees, of any sort you don’t need to go through your insurance company. This site won’t let me put a link in, type www and then address below

The 2nd HA discount is mentioned in the Aetna link. Can’t find the free standing link for the coupon so just mention it when you call them.

Hi I am new and this is my first time posting but have read and learned alot from this forum so thanks for that.

I also just used HearPO to purchase a set of hearing aids. I don’t know if it was a great deal or not. Aetna is my health insurance and they put me onto this. I purchased 2 phonak certena art Half Shells for 3390. They come with batteries and warranties as described in this posting. Supposedly there is some financial benefit to using them, but I didn’t comparison shop except on the internet and the pricing seemed as good or better than what I saw there.

Great experience all around using them for sure. They did send me the wrong batteries, but phone quick phone call fixed that and they are supposed to be sending me the right ones. You call them first and they hook you up with the audi, but you get choices if you know who you want, which I didn’t.

I could tell that my audi’s billing person wasn’t impressed, but he claimed they are great for the patient, just a pain for him, which I don’t know what he meant or cared I guess since it seemed fine for me.


HI I live in ireland does any 1 know is there an on line service that would supply here…


Yes, western society is obsessed with their bloody “coupon code” crap. You can’t blame me for asking for it. I’ve learned pretty quick there’s a coupon for pretty much everything in this country. I think it’s rubbish that a person next to me pays significantly less just because they have found a piece of paper that cost them nothing. It used to be “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Now, “it’s not what you know, it’s what coupon you have”. Talk about a side step toward equal opportunity. I believe in a “fair go”, and coupons are not fair until everyone has the same coupon. At the rate western society is going, soon you’ll be having coupons for the kids to go to college.

Coupons, can’t live with them, can’t chuck them in the bin.

Jay, in my previous post I insinuated you and Calif Gal (perhaps one in the same) are spammers. I’m surprised you weren’t insulted.