Discouraged with HA results



That’s the definition of working with one device only.


And Bluetooth Classic uses more battery power than Bluetooth LE (Low Energy).


True, but my rechargeable Marvels still have 40 to 50% battery left at the end of the day even with several hours of streaming. Marvels do use a newly developed circuit design that uses less battery. That’s actually how they were able to make it work and no one else has so far.


I guess i will hang on to my Phonak Compilot 2 (best Bluetooth device ever).


By the definition of being able to pair with multiple devices at the same time, yes. But I still can use my Marvels with any of my Bluetooth Classic devices, my 3 computers, my two tablets, and of course my Android Pixel 3 XL phone where it stays the majority of the time anyway. It’s just a pain in the butt to un-pair and re-pair to do it.


I have the Marvel M90R aids. I take virtually all (exception would be when I want to use the speaker phone so my wife can also participate) my calls through them and I love the hands free (phone in pocket or golf bag) feature plus I especially like having listening to the call in both ears. I “screen” the calls with my AppleWatch to make sure I want to actually answer and then I just hit the toggle and start speaking. I’ve taken calls in noisy restaurants, on a windy golf course, and numerous other less than perfect situations and my callers have not had any problem hearing me clearly. My aids are on all day every day except when I shower and I stream a lot of music through them as the music quality matches most headphones I’ve used in the past. At the end of the day (15-18 hours) I still have 40% or more battery left. Haven’t really tried the pairing/unpairing yet as the only other device I’d want to connect would be my laptop, however I am able to turn the aids on and off without removing them from my ears so I don’t think it would be too difficult to actually do the pairing/unpairing if I wanted to do so.